How does it work?

Simply search by date, destination and the car you want to drive.
CarHopper instantly checks for unique, luxury cars available in your destination and compiles the results in a single list.
Select the car you want and get ready to drive a brand new story.
What is CarHopper?

What isCarHopper?

Every time you sit in the driver’s seat of a new car, you start a new adventure.

CarHopper is a beautifully simple online booking platform for luxury car rentals, giving you access to the most unique cars in the world; from Ferraris to Bentleys, Lamborghini to McLaren, whatever the experience you want to drive, we have the cars to make it happen.

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Rent from a selection of the most exclusive cars in the world.
Who is it for?

Who is it for?

Whether you want the experience of gliding down the coastal road in a Ferrari 488 or arriving with a touch of class in a Rolls Royce Dawn, don’t choose a car – choose an adventure.

Because CarHopper isn’t just about renting beautiful cars. We’re here for you, for people who take the driving seat in every area of their life. With 24/7 Platinum Customer Service and an exclusive community with access to VIP events, both on and offline, CarHopper doesn’t end when your rental is over. In fact, it’s just the beginning.

Why should i use CarHopper?

Why should i use CarHopper?

By bringing all of the most beautiful cars from all of the most luxurious rental companies in the United States into one single system, we’ve made this a one stop platform to make starting your next story as simple as possible.

We arrange everything with the local provider, all you need to do is book and turn up. With CarHopper, the car you see Is the car you get. We update in real-time so that we only show you the actual cars that are available.

Top Cars for Rent

Every car is a commitment

We have partnered with the best local luxury car rental companies across the United States so when you search, you’re searching the very best cars your destination has to offer, all available directly through CarHopper.