An Original Japanese Supercar, the 2017 Acura NSX

It’s rare in life that a sequel lives up to its predecessor, yet in the case of the Acura NSX 2017 justice is done to the original Japanese supercar. Renting an Acura NSX 2017 from CarHopper puts the combined power of technology and emotion at your fingertips for the entire journey.


This all-wheel drive hybrid supercar makes a dramatic entrance with its aggressive styling and jaw-dropping performance capabilities. It has a unique hybrid drivetrain that gives all of the thrills of a super sports car with hybrid sensibilities. As the flagship of Acura’s lineup, you can be assured when renting the Acura NSX 2017exclusivity and style reign supreme.

Striking aesthetics are achieved through Acura’s sharp styling, highlighted by an aggressive, raked roofline and sinister LED headlamps. Due to its limited production, you can rest assured the Acura NSX 2017 will cause a stir each time you arrive to your destination. Dramatic rear arches over staggered, forged wheels give a tell to the performance chops of this two-seat sports coupe.

Black Acura NSX 2017 sideview


Mid-engined architecture puts the V6 engine aft of the cabin, and intoxicating sounds fill the ears of the driver with each press of the pedal. While yes, this is a hybrid luxury sports car, don’t allow preconceptions to color your enjoyment. In this case hybrid electric motors paired with a twin-turbocharged V6 engine give seamless, immediate acceleration. In fact, the Acura NSX will hustle to 60 MPH in 2.9 seconds – a remarkably fast time for a “hybrid” car.

black acura nsx 2017 enginee

When you rent this Acura NSX, control rests in your hand. A central dial allows you, the driver, to choose the demeanor of your ride. From a quiet mode for sneaking away to an early morning appointment, to a Track option that exploits the Acura’s full performance potential with each press of the accelerator. Whatever situation you throw at it, this is the supercar that can do it all.

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Breathless interior appointments, supercar looks, and a performance envelope to match make the Acura NSX a prime choice to rent with Carhopper in Las Vegas. With an unmatched blend of technology and emotion, you’re sure to find that the NSX has the energy and vigor to match a night out in the City of Lights. With a dual temperament, this Acura NSX rental is well-matched to mind its manners during the day, yet still knows how to let loose when the situation calls for exhilarating speed and thrills.