A Velvety Smooth Ride, the 2017 Audi A6

Predictable and easy to drive, the Audi A6 brings big body refinement to the luxury rental car realm through Carhopper. With an engaging powertrain, nimble handling characteristics and a long list of standard features, the Audi A6 is certain to deliver on its promise of modern luxury driving to your next on-road journey.  Consistent and capable, you’re sure to enjoy spending time with this luxury sedan in Los Angeles in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Newport Beach and near LAX.


Welcoming you into the cabin are adjustable front sport seats, with both seat heating and bolstered thigh support for comfort on long drives. A large glass sunroof bathes all 4 passengers in natural light, and the only discomfort will be who gets to choose the music through available Apple Carplay. Navigation with traffic assist will help in expediting your journey, though with its velvet-smooth ride the long route might not be such a bad thing. Plenty of cargo space exists in the trunk, and the rear seats can be folded flat to give priority to cargo over backseat passengers.

black audi a6 2017 interior


On the outside, this 4 door luxury sedan stuns with Xenon headlamps and sculpted fenders that carry through the rear doors and into the LED headlamps. With Audi’s signature trapezoidal grille, this luxurious rental makes a confident entrance without being over the top.

black audi a6 2017 side view


Under the hood, turbocharged power ensures that you will not be left wanting more power. 252 horsepower are available underfoot to deliver confident, assured acceleration each time you press on the accelerator. Despite this power, the Audi A6 will still deliver more than 30 MPG highway during your rental. Equipped with a Quattro all-wheel-drive system as well, you’ll be able to travel confidently regardless of condition.  

Next Steps

Despite this Los Angeles luxury rental car being sporty in nature, comfort reigns supreme here and road noise and interior harshness are minimized to deliver the utmost in high-end rental car comfort. Knowing the demands of traveling in congested Orange County, this is a great option for sporty mannerisms with an overall comfortable and smooth ride for longer trips on the road. Upgrade to first class the next time you need a luxurious rental in Los Angeles, and experience the luxury and poise of the Audi A6 sedan.