August 2017 Car of the Month: Lamborghini Aventador

Our Car of the Month for August is the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, a consummate two-door open top roadster. If you like drama on a nearly apocalyptic level, you will want to rent this exotic car. Its futuristic, stealth fighter-style good looks are indisputable, and its power is beyond exhilarating. Although any Lambo provides a captivating experience, the Aventador is the top Lamborghini production model of them all.

The raucous roar of the V12 engine alerts onlookers to the fact that there is a Lamborghini in the neighborhood – a big one, at that. Indisputably, the Aventador will turn heads more than just about any other Lamborghini. The short exhaust path from the mid-mounted engine to the tips contributes to blue flames appearing at high RPMs. Talk about an attention-getter, especially at night. Celebrities sauntering along Santa Monica Boulevard may find themselves rendered incognito given the adoration inevitably directed at a passing Aventador roadster.

Car and Driver calls the Aventador “obscenely flamboyant” – a compliment to be sure. Indeed, it is a supercar on steroids, with a base price to match – more than $440,000. It is assembled at Lamborghini’s plant in Sant’Agata Bolognese, a small community near Bologna in northern Italy.

Cruising the Sunset Strip in a Lambo is an unforgettable experience. The refined shops along Rodeo Drive are another excellent backdrop for the Lamborghini Aventador. So is Frank Gehry’s stainless steel Disney Concert Hall and the famous Griffith Observatory.


Understandably, Lamborghini speaks of the “relentless force” of the Aventador Roadster. The naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V-12 powers all four wheels with sublime confidence. No turbos or superchargers are needed to generate 690 horses at 8250 rpm, or the 507 lb-ft of torque at 5,500 rpm, so fasten your seat belt and stow your cap. This open-top beast will get you 11 mpg in the city, but, really, who cares? The 23.8-gallon fuel tank still keeps one on the road for extended periods.

To say that this V12-powered Lambo is quick is a radical understatement. From a standing start, it can rocket to 60 mph in a mere 2.7 seconds. At the end of the quarter-mile test, the Aventador reaches a terminal speed of 136 mph. Road and Track calculated a 0-150 mph time of 12.8 seconds. Such stellar performance vaults the Aventador onto many a top 10 list of the best supercars on the planet.

A single clutch, seven-speed independent shift rod (ISR) transmission is the perfect partner to the 12-cylinder power plant. It offers amazingly quick shift times measured in milliseconds – 50 of them to be exact. In Corsa (essentially racing) mode, it must be shifted manually, and the V12’s power is split 20/80. Traction control is dialed back so it doesn’t get in the way of screaming starts and the like. Since shifting is close to brutal in Corsa mode, most will prefer the Sports mode for all-around driving. There’s also the more docile Stradamode for touring.


The push-rod suspension and low, wide stance allow the driver who rents this car to maintain speed blazing through hairpin curves in the Hollywood Hills or the Santa Monica Mountains. It is as at home on the track as it is on the road.

An innovative rear wheel steering system performs admirably during tight turns. It moves the rear wheels as much a 1.5 degrees in the direction opposite of the front wheels, thus reducing the amount of steering required from the driver. A special switchgear raises and lowers the LamborghiniAventador to allow for graceful exits from driveways and other spots that challenge the low-slung design. When it’s time to bring the Lamborghini Aventador to a stop, over-sized rotors and calipers are up to the task.


The Aventador is large as supercars go – Autoblog notes it is 10-in longer than a ‘Vette. It is about as wide as a Chevrolet Suburban. The large carbon fiber monocoque is flanked by strong aluminum sub-frames.

Lamborghini fabricates the roof panels from top-quality carbon fiber generated at its own plant. Together, they weigh a mere 26 pounds, which makes the process of tossing them in the trunk simple indeed.

Those gaping door vents simultaneously make a statement and serve a purpose – to feed the beast the massive quantities of air it wants to consume. They are integral to the precise Lambo engineering that is capable of delivering a mind-numbing maximum speed of 217 mph.


Drivers and passengers slide through scissor doors to access the aerospace-inspired cockpit. The interior is as refined and luxurious as the exterior is angular and defiant. The remarkably comfortable seats are wrapped in soft, supple leather. Skilled craftsmen assemble components and stitch leather to near perfection. Meticulously finished gauges inform you of key indicators like RPMs and miles-per-hour.

Reserve the Lamborghini Aventador through CarHopper’s West Hollywood location, and you will soon be exploring the Palos VerdesPeninsula or savoring the scenery from the cliffs along Mulholland Drive. In the evening, head to Malibu and beyond to enjoy a scintillating sunset along the Pacific Coast Highway.

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