The King of Sports Sedans, the 2018 BMW 330i

Next time you need to hire a luxury car, don’t settle for a compromise of performance or comfort. The BMW 330i available from CarHopper for rent in Beverly Hills is born from decades of BMW setting the standard for high-end, luxury sports sedans. For decades, the 3 Series sedan has set the bar high for comfort, performance, and usability. When it comes to the king of sports sedans, there is no question why this BMW 330i has held the crown for so long. Available with Carhopper in Los Angeles, this king of sports sedans is prepared to deliver while traveling through LAX on business.


A TwinPower turbocharged inline 6 cylinder engine delivers 320 horsepower, and despite its four door sedan styling, accelerates to 60 miles per hour in less than 5.5 seconds. With adjustable driving modes, this BMW 330i can play multiple roles as your next luxury rental in Beverly Hills. From EcoPro mode where efficiency is king, to Sport+ where this BMW 330i shows its absolute performance – this 330i can do it all on your next rental trip. With a few clicks of the drive mode selector, you can feel the steering and acceleration sharpen to deliver the ultimate in driving performance. Each press of the accelerator brings BMW’s characteristic smooth, assertive power under your command for highway passing and backroad blasts. The inline-6 revs freely and the symphony from the tuned 3 liter motor is near addictive under acceleration, as the silky smooth motor brings temptation to just keep on driving.

Confident, precise steering becomes even more direct as you switch modes as well, making this sedan feel like a true sports car in the corners. Each turn of the wheel is comfortably weighted for precise feedback and precision. Lauded for great balance and discipline on the road, this BMW 330i sedan stays composed even when hustled through corners, perfect for hustling down the PCH to Newport Beach in this BMW 330i . Sport brakes give linear, confident pedal feel and are up to the task of bringing the 330i back down from speed with no reservation.


Inside, this 330i sedan in West Hollywood from CarHopper is focused on the driver’s enjoyment as well. Adjustable, bolstered sports seats provide a custom feel and support necessary for sporting drives, and the centrally located iDrive controller allows for both driver and passenger to control the music to keep enjoyment going throughout your entire rental. Comfortable enough to seat 5, the BMW 330i from Carhopper provides sporting comfort for both driver and passengers alike when traveling in Los Angeles.

black bmw 330i interior