A Timeless Luxury Convertible, the 2016 BMW 428i

Bring natural beauty into your next drive with the lovely open top experience in the BMW 428i convertible. Currently booking through Carhopper, this BMW 428i brings an air of freedom to your next luxury car rental experience. Understated luxury, timeless lines, with the inherent sportiness of BMW thrown in make this a comfortable way to take in the world around you as the miles tick away effortlessly. You want your high-end rental car to be able to do it all, and this BMW 428i is available to rent for taking care of all your needs.

white BMW 428i 2016 side view


This 428i comes with a TwinPower turbocharged 2.0L engine producing 248 horsepower and is paired to BMW’s lauded 8-speed automatic transmission. This powertrain combines for brisk acceleration when called upon, getting this BMW convertible to 60 miles per hour in just under 6 seconds (plenty quick to put the wind through your hair). BMW’s hallmark has always been engaging, driver-oriented cars, and this 428i luxury convertible holds up the family tradition. Balanced, well-weighted steering and rear-drive architecture make the 428i an absolute joy in the corners, and with low-end turbocharged power it pulls itself back up to speed with minimal effort. With a quick press of the drive select switch, however, this BMW 428i can become a comfortable, smooth cruiser to get you to your destination with ease as the miles tick away effortlessly.

white BMW 428i 2016 interior

Next Steps

With it’s classic kidney grilles and long, low hood this BMW looks the part for your high end rental experience as well. Sporty alloy wheels and Xenon headlamps feature to add sportiness to the exterior, and leather sport seats bring customizable support for long drives. The single-touch power folding hardtop is simple and quick, and alleviates any concern of a weather interruption slowing your journey.  When renting a luxury convertible, class and comfort are on the top of the list and when you rent this BMW 428i from Carhopper you can rest assured it delivers on both accounts.