A Stunning Performer, the 2017 BMW 650i

As the marketplace becomes crowded with an indiscernible mix of less-than-engaging cars available for hire, renting a BMW 650 serves as a reminder that there are still enjoyable cars to rent. With a luxurious setting for 4 inside and twin-turbo power available from go, this is one sporty way to bring friends and family together on your next trip. Taking a hold of the keys is simple when booking with Carhopper, let us help get your vacation rolling! Currently booking in Los Angeles near LAX, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Newport Beach this BMW 650 is a great way to escape the city and find new adventures on the road.

black BMW 650 M sport 2017 side view


With a capable chassis and a turbocharged 4.4 liter V8, BMW has set the stage for this luxury hire car to be a stunning performer. While mild-mannered around town, when you’re able to open up the BMW 650 you’ll feel as all 445 horsepower deliver blistering acceleration and effortless freeway travel. The slick 8-speed automatic is lauded by the automotive press for smooth actuation with brisk, sport shifts. Manual control can be done with the shifter itself, or by utilizing steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters. The exhaust emits a rumble reminiscent to a sports car rather than a four-door and is a natural complement to exhilarating 5-second 0-60 sprints.


Inside, the cabin is modern and refined while offering great visibility all around. Above, a beautiful panoramic glass roof makes the ceiling feel endlessly tall and allows natural light to flow throughout the entire cabin. Four sculpted bucket seats are finished in Dakota leather, and sufficient rear legroom exists for adults to travel comfortably in the back. The central rotary controller cycles easily through tiered menus on the touchscreen display, and here you can manage audio, navigation, and drive settings.

black bmw 650 m sport 2017 interior

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With grand touring manners and exploitable on-road performance available, renting a BMW 650 delivers a package built around driving enjoyment. With sculpted styling that makes it ideal for renting in Beverly Hills, you’ll more than look the part with this luxury coupe. Despite all of this speed, luxury car roots still remain as the dual-personality sedan makes easy work of long-distance travel in comfort and style.