A Spine Tingling Hybrid Coupe, the BMW i8

The future is now with the BMW i8 coupe, a hybrid supercar available for hire from Carhopper. Intensive engineering and futuristic technologies come together to deliver spine-tingling driving experiences. Bringing together electric motors and turbocharged gasoline power, this luxury sports coupe is on the forefront of automotive technology. Futuristic technology and aggressive two-door styling plus butterfly doors make this unquestionably the world’s most beautiful hybrid luxury car and the perfect way to put a charge in your Las Vegas luxury rental.


When it comes to driving the BMW i8, it is a plug-in hybrid in name only. With a 3-cylinder turbocharged engine paired with electric motors, this luxury sports car rental sprints to 60 miles per hour in just 4.2 seconds and can reach speeds of up to 155 miles per hour. With a near 50/50 weight distribution front to back, performance on the road is unquestioned when you rent this BMW i8 luxury coupe. Under full throttle, acceleration is enhanced by stored electric power and the i8 coupe moves like a supercar.

white BMW i8 coupe sideview

While all of this performance is great on the open road, this luxury Coupe in New York City does have the ability to behave with civility, and can even be powered just with its front electric motor with ease. Through adjustable driving modes, steering and throttle sharpness can be dialed down as well for softer road manners in busy Manhattan traffic, its exhaust note is unobtrusive, but just sporty enough to match the character of this luxury sports rental and catch ears downtown.


Striking styling marks the BMW i8 as an outlier in the generally reserved BMW lineup, but it is fitting for a carbon-fiber bodied supercar. With sweeping butterfly doors and dramatic flared styling, this hybrid supercar looks the part. BMW’s classic kidney grilles are framed by dramatic LED headlamps that contain the signature BMW lighted surrounds. Dramatic highlights sweep down the rear quarter integrating with the tail lamps and a dual tone color way accents sleek coupe styling.

white bmw i8 interior

Next Steps

Able to sneak out for an early brunch or gallop out to Montauk Point State Park, renting this BMW i8 Coupe gives you the ability to take in the Hamptons in futuristic style. With pulse-quickening performance available on your command, this luxury sports car rental will enrich your journey with modern, responsible performance. You won’t be leaving a footprint behind when visiting visiting Westhampton Beach in a BMW i8.