An Iconic Performance Convertible, the 2018 BMW M4

The BMW M4 brings iconic performance and practicality together in an easy-to-enjoy package, and after exploring with this luxury sports car you will understand the legacy is well deserved. This M4 convertible is a sharpened variation of the standard BMW 4 series and the sounds from its performance exhaust are a subtle reminder throughout your trip that you have nearly 425 horsepower at your disposal. Currently available in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, LAX, and Santa Monica, the sporty M4 makes each drive in the city just a bit more special no matter the occasion.


Building from the standard BMW M4, this exotic sports car rental has not only the look but the bite to back up it’s reputation. The look of the BMW M4 combines classic, long-hood BMW styling with sharp edges and bulging fenders that scream performance. During your time renting this BMW M4 convertible, you will feel the BMW M4’s strengths from behind the wheel as well with each press of the throttle.  A turbocharged inline 6 cylinder brings nearly 425 horsepower and delivers staggering acceleration for its class, but where this M4 from Carhopper really shines is in the corners.

black bmw m4 convertible 2018 interior


With the addition of forged wheels, retuned suspension and brakes and sports exhaust, you will want to spend your entire vacation in the driver’s seat. The M4 is known for its telepathic feedback, and with instantaneous response from the accelerator and heavy, linear steering make it the perfect dance partner for a weekend out in the canyons with the wind whipping past you. Each change from the 7-speed automatic gearbox brings a response from the performance exhaust, further emphasizing the pure performance focus of the BMW M4 convertible. With adjustable shift speed and manual changes available the DCT gearbox is enthusiast friendly but also able to handle more relaxed automatic shifting as well.

black bmw m4 convertible 2018 side view

If you are looking to rent a luxury convertible for your next stay in Las Vegas, look no further than this BMW M4 in Las Vegas. Well suited for an escape from the strip, this high end rental is prepared for an adventure down the winding roads to the Valley of Fire State Park, where stunning vistas are brought closer with the top down. Like an athlete in a tailored suit, this BMW M4 conveys both elegance and power in a single glance, and is sure to be the star of your next Las Vegas vacation.