The Pinnacle of Luxurious Versatility, the 2017 BMW X3 28i

On road capability and seating for 5 make the BMW X3 well suited for your LAX luxury rental car needs. With a refined, comfortable interior that can haul luggage with ease and turbocharged performance this is a SUV offering luxurious versatility. BMW’s entry into the compact luxury SUV class, renting this BMW X3 gives easy urban driving with its compact footprint.  When called upon, however, its BMW lineage allows it to swallow long-range travel with charm and ease.


From the sport drivers seat all you will need is easily at hand. Steering wheel mounted paddles allow for manual shifts if you choose, and a console-mounted iDrive controller gives easy access to multimedia and phone connections. The BMW X3 offers leather seats which feature a split-folding option in the rear bench, offering 62 cubic feet of cargo room if needed. Usability is also heightened with 8 inches of ground clearance, and heated seats provide comfort if you venture off of the beaten path while renting in Newport Beach with Carhopper.

white bmw x3 28i 2017 interior


On the road, BMW has given the X3 sporty dynamics and plentiful power for a luxury SUV of its side. 248 horsepower are available with quick, turbocharged responsiveness and though this is an SUV it will still sprint from 0-60 miles per hour in just 6 seconds flat. With signature BMW steering feel, a confident weight provides good feedback and settles in comfortably to soak up highway travel. A lauded 8-speed automatic transmission can be unobtrusive in operation, yet taken over for manual shifts that are crisp and responsive. Despite the performance envelope, this BMW X3 rental in West Hollywood can still provide up to 30 MPG to keep you on the road in Beverly Hills.

white bmw x3 28i 2017 side view

Next Steps

From the leather sport seats to its on road driving dynamics, this BMW X3 luxury SUV delivers on the promise of sporting utility in an easy to drive package. As at home in traffic on the 15 as it is taking clients to a meeting, renting this high end SUV in Beverly Hills makes urban travel easy. Confidence-inspiring ground clearance and assured road manners deliver regardless of the weather outside, making all of your business travel seamless and uninterrupted.