Carsharing platforms and how we compare to them

Peer to peer car rental, or carsharing services are quickly rising in popularity, hailed by some as the next “Airbnb”. The services offer benefits to both owners and renters but CarHopper has a unique twist on the business that makes it stand out from competitors. Owners well understand the cost of owning a car, while renters in this industry can recite a list of reasons that car sharing benefits them. At CarHopper we are working hard to do things differently, creating a better luxury and exotic rental experience for the renter.

CarHopper is unique in that rather than work with individual owners, we connect renters with smaller, local luxury and exotic rental agencies, who we call Affiliates, that now have the opportunity to compete on a larger platform and provide renters with an enhanced experience over the traditional car sharing model.

  • Renting from one of our Affiliates means that you are renting from someone who makes a living in the industry. They understand what renters need and they know that responding to your requests quickly and having the car you need available is a top priority. Renting from individual owners often means longer response times only to find the vehicle you want is already rented or unavailable for the time period needed.
  • Affiliates have standards and legal requirements for their fleets, so maintenance and upkeep is a priority. Luxury and Exotic cars rented through CarHopper Affiliates will meet industry laws and regulations for vehicle safety and operation. The cars are usually low mileage and in sound condition. If you rent from an individual owner, you may find cars with high mileage and in poor condition. While other companies list their expectations for vehicles and set rental prices depend on what the owner states, there are no guarantees beyond these expectations and the actual state of the vehicle may or may not be verified.
  • Rental companies, such as those who operate in our Affiliates program make customer service a top priority. The owners of these companies operate under industry “best practices” knowing your safety and needs come first. Whether during the process of renting the car or if a problem arises while the car is in your possession, an Affiliate will answer the phone and respond to your questions in a timely manner. Taking care of the renter is a priority. Not so with private owners, whose motivation for renting is often only to make an easy dollar.
  • Insurance and liability can sometimes surprise renters when the unexpected happens. In the peer to peer market, insurance remains somewhat of a grey area and is still open to interpretation as there are no standard requirements. Coverage exclusions may surprise a renter when an incident occurs and the purchased “commercial” policy does not cover certain damages. Our Affiliates offer their own insurance policies to renters & use our platform for checking vehicle damage before and after the rental period side-by-side with the renter. With other companies, proof of damage before taking the vehicle may not be adequate and the renter may end up paying extra when the owner makes a claim, the claim potentially not being covered under the policy offered.

If your lifestyle is one that works without automobile ownership, carsharing in this new market is a great alternative. Renting through CarHopper allows you to experience the benefits of carsharing with the added plus of years of rental car business history. Find out how renting from CarHopper is a better option for your next rental by contacting us today.