5 ways a luxury or exotic car changes how you feel

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, there are plenty of little pieces of your trip that make a big difference. From Las Vegas to New York City and everywhere in between, there are plenty of little frustrations that can drastically change the way you feel about your trip–and your rental car is one of those. A luxury or exotic rental car can make your vacation feel even more exciting than ever. If you’re thinking, “But a car is a car!” it’s time to consider these five key ways a luxury or exotic car rental changes how you feel when you’re out on the road. Using a luxury and exotic car rental platform like CarHopper can significantly change the way you experience your entire trip, making you feel better about the time you’re spending on the road.

1. A luxury or exotic car rental, whether you’re driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, makes you feel like you’re someone special. You’re already on vacation: driving through picturesque Miami, visiting the sights in New York City, or hitting the casinos in Las Vegas, for example. Chances are, you’re visiting parts of the country that not everyone will get to see. You’re posting pictures on social media that are specifically designed to make your friends envious, especially when you get to do something incredible. Choosing your rental car, when you get to drive a car that many people will never even get to see in person, sets your vacation apart even more. When you slide onto the soft leather seats and wrap your hands around the steering wheel of a luxury or exotic rental car, you’ll find that you feel like someone special–and you are! Not everyone gets to spend their vacation driving the luxury or exotic car of their dreams, but now you can cruise through Los Angeles in a Porsche or explore the Hamptons in a Bentley.

2. A luxury or exotic car rental makes you feel more confident. When you’re traveling on business, the image you present matters. There’s nothing wrong with leaving the airport in a regular sedan, but if you want to ramp up your confidence and present an image of class, competence, and capability, there’s nothing quite like driving a luxury or exotic car to help improve your personal presentation. Would you rather head off to a week of meetings in a normal car, or would you rather slide out of the front seat of a Bentley Continental? Choosing a luxury or exotic car rental service won’t just help you feel better about the time you’ve spent away from home. It will also help increase your confidence as you walk into meetings with clients or other professionals–and that’s a feeling that will stay with you all day long.

3. Renting a luxury or exotic car will make your vacation more fun. Vacation is all about trying and doing the things that you don’t get to do and try throughout the rest of your year. You head to Miami to visit theme parks or head to the beach so that you can enjoy swimming, sun, and surfing–not to mention a number of other athletic endeavors you don’t get to try the rest of the year. Vacation is all about having fun, so why not increase the fun you’re having by adding a luxury or exotic car rental to your experience? You’ll be eager to head out of the hotel every day when you get to climb into your luxury rental car and head to your destination, whether you’re visiting Los Angeles, Miami, or heading to see the sights in New York City.

4. Luxury or Exotic rental cars decrease the stress of driving. You’re in an unfamiliar city, dealing with unfamiliar traffic patterns. Not only are you relying on your GPS to tell you where to go, you’re struggling to assimilate to local driving customs. Driving in an unfamiliar city can be incredibly stressful. Driving a luxury or exotic rental car, on the other hand, significantly decreases that stress and makes your trip more enjoyable. Instead of dreading your drive from the hotel to tourist destinations or wondering if you can leave early enough to walk to your meeting destinations, you’ll be eagerly looking forward to the chance to slide behind the wheel of your luxury rental car once more. Experience a sense of excitement instead of dread and change your outlook on the entire day when you opt for a luxury or exotic rental car instead of sticking with more traditional car rental agencies.

5. Luxury and exotic rental cars make every day of your vacation–or business trip–an adventure. Driving a luxury car is, well, a luxury! It’s likely something that you don’t get to do every day in your normal life. If you love cars–or even if you simply like them–your bucket list may include items like, “Drive a Porsche 911,” or, “drive a Lamborghini Huracan.” When you opt for luxury or exotic car rental services while you’re on your trip, you’ll be able to check those items off of your list. It will feel like every day is a new adventure when you know that there’s a luxury car waiting for you in the hotel parking lot. Who knows? Your luxury or exotic car rental could even encourage you to do more exploring, see more of the sights in your city, and get more enjoyment out of your vacation.

Why spend another vacation driving the same ordinary cars you can drive every day? It’s time to check out luxury or exotic car rental services to learn more about how luxury and exotic rental cars can change your outlook and shape your vacation enjoyment. Contact us today to learn more about how luxury and exotic car rentals can help take your vacation to the next level and make more out of every day you’re gone. CarHopper is just like Expedia–only for luxury and exotic rental cars! Whether you’re cruising toward the beach in Miami or headed out for a day of business in San Francisco, CarHopper can help transform your trip and change the way you feel about driving through a new city.