February 2018 Car of the Month: Nissan GT-R

Do you have a need for speed? Well, we have the perfect luxury rental car for you. The Nissan GTR is one of the fastest cars on the planet. Yes, you read that correctly…the planet. Since its debut in 2009, it’s been known for being able to go from 0-60 in just under three seconds. Due to its incredible power and insane handling aspects, it’s earned the nickname of “Godzilla”. Nissan created a monster powerhouse with this supercar.

The Nissan GT-R has certainly earned its spot to be featured as our February car of the month. Keep reading to see why.

Incredible Ride

Like we mentioned, this baby has speed, and here are the specs to prove it. The GTR’s hand-built twin-turbo V6 engine delivers 545-horsepower for the fastest and smoothest ride possible. Its all-wheel drive and predictable steering response system leave you with peace of mind and super glue traction no matter where you’re driving. Maximum performance and speed are right at your fingertips. Its highest speed is 200 miles per hour! Consider driving this beauty one more thing to check off your bucket list.

The dynamics on the GTR 2-door coupe are unprecedented, as it allows you to select from multiple ride-compliance options, stability control, and transmission-shift program settings. This allows the car to transform from a high-profile urban cruiser to a hardcore sharp corner cutter.

The Nissan GTR can keep up with other best-handling cars around the world, and even leave some in the dust. You get the best of both worlds with this baby. Not much comes close to the acceleration, top end speed, and handling of the Nissan GT-R.

Sleek Interior

The Nissan GTR’s cockpit vibe is incredibly sleek with sporty hand-stitched leather seats and comfortable height room to accommodate a variety of driver sizes.

All of the seats in the GT-R are big, cozy, and power adjustable. This supercar also boasts back seats which are very rare and a nice added bonus. The back seats are smaller, which makes it ideal for children (included LATCH system for car seats) or groceries. There’s also usable trunk space, perfect for a romantic weekend getaway with your sweetheart (hint, Valentine’s Day). Comparable to slipping into an Armani suit, you’ll fall in love as soon as you slip into this exotic rental car.

Other great perks are the push-button start, dual-zone automatic climate control, cruise control, 11-speaker Bose audio system, satellite radio, USB port, heated seats, Bluetooth, and a navigation system.

Futuristic Technology

As you sink into the plush leather seats your eyes will quickly wander to find a multifunction display in the center of the dash. This records and collects data while you drive which you can review later. It’s nearly impossible to damage the car due to inexperience, so there’s no need to be scared of driving your first supercar. You simply need to experience it for yourself to understand and appreciate all of its undeniable glory.

The GTR’s digital experience is truly unlike any other. Nissan actually hired designers who worked on Sony’s Gran Turismo video game to help create the interface! All of the controls and displays are programmable and will tell you everything you’d like to know such as grip, acceleration, oil/transmission temperatures, engine speeds, launch times, g-forces, air intake, boost pressures, and so much more. Plus, all of the high-tech displays are angled perfectly in the driver’s direction for super easy viewing.

Digital trends said it best,

“Whether you’re looking for an overpowered daily driver, a weekend track toy, or your very first foray into supercar ownership, choosing the GT-R will put a little piece of software and mechanical bliss in your garage.”

Envious Exterior

Sleek. Sexy. Luxurious. Dream car. These are the kinds of things you’ll overhear passer-bys say as you’re pumping gas or loading groceries. The style aspects of the GT-R surpass many others in more ways than one. Part extreme and part exotic, it boasts fender flares, scooped air intakes, circular tail lamps, and an attractive large rear wing. The GT-R’s sleek shape and design are sure to be an eye-catcher wherever your destination leads you, whether its Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, Hamptons, or New York City. Prepare for heads to turn as you whip through city streets with this luxury car rental.

Superior Fuel Economy

Supercars aren’t known for being easy on the gas card, but the Nissan GTR is truly an exception. Considering this beauty can reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, for a normal day of driving the GT-R earned 16 miles per gallon city and 23 miles per gallon highway. It may seem low, but it’s improved over the years, and it’s definitely higher than other comparable supercars in its category. If you are strict on your foot you can get even more miles out of it.

Rent CarHopper’s February Car of the Month Today

Can you imagine yourself sitting in the ultra-comfortable driver’s seat of the Nissan GTR yet? We certainly hope so. With so many amazing aspects, it’s no wonder we hand picked it to be our February car of the month. We love the sleek style, incredibly fast speed, advanced technology, and luxurious feel of this amazing car. Whether you want to test drive it for awhile before buying one for yourself or want to impress your love with a romantic getaway weekend, the Nissan GTR won’t let you down. You’ll feel like a celebrity in this breathtaking luxury car rental.

With a considerably lower price tag than the competitors in its category, you get all the amazing benefits and aspects of a Ferrari with half the price tag. You can sink yourself into the luxurious GTR for only $359 a day!

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