A Thrillingly Powerful Supercar, the 2018 Ferrari 458 Spider

The Spider

With a high-performance pedigree, the Ferrari 458 Spider has been a go-to for attainable supercar performance. Available for hire, this mid-engined convertible delivers thrilling on street performance with beautiful Italian design. With a powerful V8 mounted in the middle of the car, performance is the focus and can be experienced in  in Las Vegas with Carhopper. Show up in style and experience thrilling Ferrari power by booking a Ferrari convertible for yourself.

Yellow Ferrari 458 Italia Spider 2015 sideview


Dramatic styling down the fenders of the 458 Spider lead to flared rear arches, and the focus of the experience is the rear tires tasked with putting down 570 horsepower. When you rent the Ferrari 458 Spider, putting the powered aluminum roof down only adds to your driving enjoyment. With nothing blocking the symphonic 4.5 liter V8 engine noise from the cabin, the sounds are euphoric and define the experience. With a redline that reaches to near 9,000 RPM, you might find straight roads more appealing during your rental to hear the dramatic noise that emanates from such behavior. A dual-clutch 7 speed transmission is tasked with transmitting the V8’s Earth-moving power, and paddles are readily at hand on the wheel if you choose to row your own gears.

Yellow Ferrari 458 Italia Spider 2015 interior

Sticky performance tires and carbon brakes are tasked with keeping everything tight, and you’ll feel immediate response with limitless grip around corners. Magnetic dampers on all four corners are part of a fine-tuned chassis that delivers direct connection to the road below. If you’re looking to rent a supercar that has performance to match the looks, than you’ve found your match in the Ferrari 458 Spider.


The performance is not the only aspect of the Ferrari 458 Spider that will thrill on your luxury rental car experience, but aesthetically the Ferrari will make an impact as well. Berlinetta styling has a small, two door cabin ahead of the mid-mounted engine for optimal weight distribution, and the strong fenders and LED lights are sculpted to convey a sense of power and beauty. The luxurious exterior has forged wheels and a center exit exhaust for styling that impresses even the most discerning of drivers. Make your next visit to Las Vegas extraordinary and take the keys to this stunning Italian supercar.