An Italian Powerhouse, the 2018 Ferrari 488 Spider

Top-down fun and supercar performance make this twin-turbocharged powerhouse a must drive on your next luxury sports car rental. The Ferrari 488 Spider takes the torch from Ferrari’s 458 and builds on a legacy of mid-engined performance done in stunning style. Built to deliver heart-pounding thrills throughout your time with this high-end hire car. Making an impression in Las Vegas is all about standing out from the crowds, and renting the Ferrari 488 Spider will deliver spine-tingling performance along with breathtaking impressions anywhere you pilot it to.


In modernizing their V8 offerings, Ferrari has downsized the power plant to a 3.9L V8. With that change turbocharging is brought to the table and helps to deliver 661 horsepower that you’re sure to enjoy with each dip of the throttle. Ferrari’s traditional flat plane crank remains and delivers high revs to go with scintillating sounds from the exhaust as revolutions reach up to the 8,000 RPM limit. Direct injection and ultra-responsive ball-bearing turbochargers contribute to delivering classic Ferrari throttle response to the turbocharged Ferrari 488 Spider, and throughout your rental, you’ll appreciate the nicely matched 7-speed transmission that offers snappy upshifts. 60 miles per hour is dispatched in just 3 seconds, and in a track setting, this luxury sports car can hit speeds of 203 miles per hour.


From the outside, this Ferrari 488 Spider offers stunning styling with drop top fun. The first mid-engined car to offer a folding hardtop, both you and your passenger will bask in the sun while tearing up the tarmac. Sweeping lines across the doors into the rear arches have large, functional scoops to feed the each turbochargers’ intercooler. In the rear, a striking rear lower diffuser features variable, computer controlled geometry for ultimate performance at speed, while front bumper air channels deliver a sculpted, aggressive message from nose-on.

Sculpted, leather bucket seats marry sporty bolstering with beautiful, handcrafted stitching in natural leather. Convenience features such as Apple CarPlay and keyless start/stop function are nice, but the quick folding hardtop is the center point of the experience. Bringing in the sky and sun add joy to your rental, but the crescendo of sound entering the cabin from the mid-mounted engine bring the visceral experience over the top.

white ferrari 488 spider 2018 interior

Next Steps

Times Square is a marquee attraction for visitors to New York City- it embodies the bright lights and glitz of the big city where entertainment and commerce come together. Look the part and stand out from the crowds by choosing a supercar that does it all on your next New York City supercar rental. Available from Carhopper, this Ferrari 488 Spider promises performance and passion all in one. Also renting for Westhampton and East Hampton visits, you can stretch the legs out on this stunning supercar when traveling to and from the city for relaxation and rest. This exotic Ferrari 488 Spider rental is also available for hire in Los Angeles near LAX, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Newport Beach, and in San Francisco.