An Italian Masterpiece, the Ferrari California Turbo

Offering top-down pleasure and a grand touring duality, this Ferrari California Turbo delivers a luxury rental car experience befitting of its namesake state. With an equitable balance between Grand Touring comfort and high-end Ferrari performance, this exotic convertible is the perfect dance partner that is willing to pick up the pace at your call. This handcrafted Italian masterpiece trades outright performance for a character suited for all situations and has manners that cater to whatever direction your Miami Ferrari rental can take you.


Well-balanced performance awaits you in renting a Ferrari California Turbo convertible. 560 turbocharged horsepower is more than adequate to move this luxury convertible in all situations, and its power delivery is managed and linear for drama-free acceleration. Despite such a high power figure, the character is far more refined than most supercars and this gives the Ferrari California Turbo its signature Grand Touring driving experience. Though it will sprint to 60 miles per hour in just 3.6 seconds, the experience here is more about enjoying the road than destroying it. MagneRide suspension automatically adjusts the dampers to give steady, confident handling without jarring interruptions, and a revised chassis delivers coupe levels of strength despite the folding convertible top.

white ferrari california turbo convertible 2017 side view


Inside, luxurious leather covers all surfaces and high-quality carbon fiber and aluminum add a modern touch to this 2+2 Grand Touring convertible. At any point in your luxury car rental, a quick press drops the hard roof in favor of top-down cruising. With most driving controls mounted on the F1 inspired steering wheel, your focus will be on the road rather than fumbling with complicated controls. Apple CarPlay and a backup camera feature on a centrally mounted touchscreen that is easily accessible from both seats. If extra luggage or golf clubs are a concern during your rental period, the rear seats fold to expand the cargo capacity dramatically.

white ferrari california turbo convertible 2017 interior

Next Steps

A trip to Los Angeles for business or pleasure exposes you to the city’s multifaceted character. From standstill traffic to natural, stunning beauty and an air of luxury and class, where you drive is just as important as how you get there. For versatility that delivers Ferrari performance with a luxurious experience befitting of a round at the Los Angeles Country Club (the North course is a killer), renting the Ferrari California Convertible in Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and near LAX makes all corners on your trip a charm. You can also enjoy this exotic convertible in downtown Miami, Miami Beach, and Ft. Lauderdale.