An Expectation Shattering Rental, the 2019 Ferrari Portofino

The Journey

Famous for trendsetters and an uncanny ability to be ahead of the stylistic curve, Beverly Hills has a reputation as the first place for the latest in fashion and style to make an impression. With the stunning new Ferrari Portofino, you’ll be able to experience the hills and turn heads in Ferrari’s latest luxury grand tourer. With sweeping body lines and a folding hardtop to bring the California sun along for the ride, this is one rental car that can make you the envy of all when you arrive in style renting with Carhopper.

White Ferrari Portofino convertible 2019 sideview


Open up to the open roads and drop the top on this alluring supercar. Boasting turbocharged power from a front-mounted V8, this GT car picks up where Ferrari’s famed California left off- capable of expectation-shattering performance on road while delivering an experience that envelopes you with comfort and style. The folding retractable hard roof deploys with just the touch of a button, in case you happen to catch a quick California shower. The Portofino continues a lineage of 2+2 seating in Ferrari’s grand tourers, meaning that you can have 2 rear seat passengers in on the fun as well.

White Ferrari portofino convertible 2019 interior


When looking to rent a supercar, performance is equally as important as style and the Ferrari Portofino delivers in that arena as well. Featuring a 3.9L V8 with twin turbochargers, power is prodigious and plentiful with 591 horsepower available from this flat-plane engine. The wail is characteristically Ferrari, with an exotic tone and attention-grabbing note. When pressed for full acceleration, this stunning drivetrain can deliver sprints to 60 miles-per-hour in less than 3.5 seconds and continue on to nearly 200 miles per hour all out.

Through intense engineering, the Ferrari Portofino is smaller and lighter than it’s California T predecessor. However, don’t let this evolution lead you to believe that the experience is less than high end. With screaming acceleration and stunning drop-top looks, few supercars can match the visceral performance that the Portofino delivers. A breathtaking way to soak in the vistas off of the Pacific Coast Highway, rent this 2019 Ferrari with Carhopper in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, or near LAX and start planning that road trip today!