A Ruggedly Capable SUV, the 2017 Jeep Wrangler Softtop

The Journey

With mountains, forests, oceans and lakes all within driving distance, Los Angeles provides a wealth of opportunities to get out and experience natural beauty first hand. As these adventures can veer off of the beaten path, this Jeep Wrangler Soft-Top provides rugged durability and utility to ensure that even the most rugged of trails lead to vacation bliss. Rent this trail-ready Jeep Wrangler Soft-Top with Carhopper in Los Angeles near LAX, Downtown Beverly Hills, Central West Hollywood or sunny Newport Beach and be prepared for whatever Mother Nature has to throw at you as capable all-wheel drive and V6 power track through all obstacles.


With ancestors that proved their mettle on battlefields the world over, the Jeep Wrangler Soft-Top is uniquely qualified to defend its claim as the ultimate off-roader.  Stripping away any unnecessary equipment to focus on pure all-road ability, renting this 4×4 SUV prepares you for adventures in all environments. Ample ground clearance and locking differentials contribute to unstoppable off-road abilities, yet its small footprint allows for easy maneuverability when you arrive back on pavement.  

white jeep wrangler soft-top sahara 2017 interior

V6 power provides plenty of grunt, and most of it exists down low in the rev range to get things moving when the going is slow. Acceleration is by no means fast, but unlike Jeeps of old it is more than comfortable at freeway speed. Interior noise is moderate as this does have a removable soft top, though at no point has this Jeep Wrangler purported itself to be a luxury cruiser.

Next Steps

Taking the top off of this Jeep Wrangler Soft-Top is the best way to connect with nature, and with sun and sky filling your view the destination is as beautiful as the journey there. With seating for four, you don’t have to leave anyone behind on your rental and all are able to join in on the fun. Doors are removable as well, and if the going gets wet, rubber plugs in the floor allow you to empty out water quickly.

If you intend to hit the beaches to the south or experience the vast canyons north of Los Angeles, renting this Jeep Wrangler Soft-Top offers no-frills utility that is sure to get through all conditions. With rugged capabilities and on-road manners, this Jeep is happy to climb over obstacles of all types to get where you need to be.