July 2017 Car of the Month: Bentley Bentayga

Bentley Bentayga is our car of the month for July 2017. It doesn’t matter where you’re planning on going for your vacation this year, whether to gaze on the hundreds of bright lights and hear the exciting music on South Beach, view the 20 seaside enclaves of the Hamptons, both inland and seaside, which international and New York City residents always enjoy, or someplace else. Regardless, your trip will be even more memorable with a luxury or exotic car rental, like the Car of the Month on CarHopper for July, the Bentley Bentayga. Remember to check us out if you are in Miami, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, the Hamptons, and Las Vegas.

The striking looks of the exterior of the Bentley Bentayga will only emphasize its outstanding performance and the refined luxury inside. When you rent a Bentley Bentayga, the Onyx Edition is available in 11 different colors, with a panoramic roof, and with more than 100 shades. A notable standard feature is the Gloss Black lower bodywork that comes as standard.

The interior is just as beautiful, just as luxurious, with a single tone color split as standard and a range of five hidden colors. Some online reviewers have said the Bentayga is the best SUV they’ve ever driven.

Power Not Normally Found in an SUV

The Bentley Bentayga has redefined what an SUV can do, with a new W12 petrol engine. Can you imagine an SUV that can go from 0 to 60 mph in four seconds? The Bentayga can do just that. Have you ever heard of an SUV that can accelerate to a top speed of 187 mph (301 km/h)? The Bentley Bentayga is the world’s fastest SUV.

It has more than speed, as it also offers luxury, efficiency, and performance. It has the most technologically advanced 12-cylinder engine in the world, the W12 petrol engine with Variable Displacement. If you rent the Bentley Bentayaga, you will receive the efficiency, power, and torque you expect in any SUV, as it offers a 5-90% torque within 1.1 seconds.

Bentley Bentayga interior

You can receive a choice of 15 standard colors for carpets and a fully leather-trimmed interior. There are five standard color splits to choose from, as well as a duo-tone color split, which makes the seats look very sporting.

With the new color-coded boot option, you can choose a color matched carpet in the boot that will match the rest of the interior. This even applies to the event seat. As a finishing touch, why not add deep-pile mats with leather and a contrasting color?

Reviewers Love the Comfort of Riding the Bentley Bentayga

Some online reviewers have noted how serene and comfortable it is to drive. They have marveled at the sound-deadening material in the vehicle, which makes a ride amazingly tranquil. They have noted that it doesn’t take long when driving to not notice potholes, rough pavement, speed bumps, rough drive-thru restaurants, and other things that can distract a driver.

Drive Dynamics Mode

With the Drive Dynamics Control, you can receive a choice of driving modes, with all offering control and confidence. Your settings include Bentley, Comfort, Custom, and Sport, by simply using the intuitive rotary control. It’s easy to choose the right driving mode. Comfort provides the most refined ride. Bentley provides the ideal balance between performance and comfort. Custom allows you to set the parameters that will fit your own driving style. Sport mode will offer enhanced performance. In addition, add four more off-road settings with the All-Terrain Specification.

Reviewers Love the Color Choices

Many Bentley drivers love the color choices for the exterior of their vehicle when picking a Bentley. One reviewer on autotrader.com noted someone picking a Bentley Bentayga can choose from 21 shades of blue, nine shades of blacks, 17 shades of browns and golds, 15 reds, nine greens, 16 grays and silvers, and 12 whites and beiges. The reviewer noted the color called Brodgar, and that those who think that color is too dark can choose Pale Brodgar.

The Driver Assistance Technology is Amazing

What kind of driving will you do, long-distance touring, robust off-roading, urban driving? The state-of-the-art developments, Bentaygahas more than ten driver assistance systems that will be right for you and add to your driving pleasure, and there are new safety systems too, as well as the advanced connectivity. The technology includes a pedestrian warning, city braking, and head-up display (This includes key information projected onto your windscreen). Night Vision recognizes people, an animal. There are also exit warning, blind spot assist, and traffic sign recognition. You will find everything incorporated into the design of the car.

There Are Numerous Entertainment Options

What would your passengers like to do, watch TV or videos, play games, use media streaming, place a video call? Passengers in rear seats have a wide choice of options. Access them by two 10.2” entertainment tablets in the back of the front seat headrests. They are mobile and convenient and work away from the car too. There are also Bluetooth headphones, as well as USB slots, internal memory, and micro SD.