An Exquisite Italian Supercar, the 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder


Few manufacturers offer more luxury and exclusivity than Lamborghini, and you can put the top down and drive off on your own adventures with this Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Offered by Carhopper in Las Vegas, this V10 powered supercar is available for hire when the typical rental counter sports car just won’t cut it. With exquisite Italian styling and a wail to match from the sports exhaust, this Lamborghini is not for the faint of heart. Drop the top and embrace the energy of Las Vegas with the wind in your hair from behind the wheel of this high-end thrill ride.

Green Lamborghini Gallardo 2014 side view

Aesthetics & Performance

When accounting for the exotic looks, it’s reassuring to know that this Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder has the punch to back up its image. From the brutal startup crank to its symphonic wail at full chat, the mid-mounted V10 provides ample acceleration to match it’s vocal character. Putting 552 horsepower down, this 200 mile-per-hour capable convertible boasts supercar levels of power and can dispatch 60 from a stop in just 3.7 seconds.

Impeccable balance and well-mannered weight transfer can be attributed to the mid-mounted engine, and behavior on road is predictable and easy to manage as a result. The Gallardo Spyder is a nimble handler and offers loads of grip in the twists; and driving is just as enjoyable when the roads get windy with scalpel-like precision and feedback from the steering wheel.

Inside, the cabin is tight but very nicely appointed, bolstered sport seats are comfortable and offer sufficient support for long trips. The true calling card is the folding soft roof, which can change the attitude of each drive with just a quick fold.

Green Lamborghini Gallardo 2014 Interior

Next Steps

Top down driving in the Lamborghini Gallardo is addictive, and with the Nevada sun always shining we’re certain you will want to pack sunglasses! As the euphoric sounds of the V10 enter the cabin and 552 horsepower respond to your command, it becomes hard to think of a better place to catch a tan while visiting Las Vegas. Ask about our rental offerings for trips to destinations like the Hoover Dam or Lake Mead to name a few, as the Nevada desert is an oasis of natural beauty waiting to be explored in this Vegas exotic rental car.