Luxury Guide to the 2019 Miami Boat Show

So, what is it about boats and yachts that drive enthusiasts wild?

Is it the sound of the engine; the smell of the ocean; the way the vessel moves through open waters; the joy of parking at sea and luxuriating in a quiet, uninterrupted day of fishing?  Perhaps it is merely a way to escape the realities of life from the top deck of your well-constructed watercraft, or maybe it is as simple as engaging in a little recreational enjoyment.

Whatever the reason, months from now, an estimated 100,000 highly passionate boat enthusiasts will arrive in Miami from approximately 35 different countries eager and enthusiastic about the latest and most significant vessels, equipment, and marine accessories that will be hitting the market at the 2019 Miami International Boat Show.

About the Miami International Boat Show

Now, 78 years after the first show, the Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show continues to persist with the same anticipation and fervor as it did all those decades ago, as does the Miami Yacht Show 31 years later.  Moreover, both manage to capture the attention of domestic and international boat enthusiasts from every corner of the globe.

In maintaining tradition, the 2019 Miami International Boat Show will kick off on Thursday, February 14th, continue through President’s Day weekend, and end on Monday, February 18th.

As expected, the Miami International Boat Show will take place on Virginia Key at Miami Marine Stadium Park and Basin.  However, to bring the two shows into closer proximity, and to make moving between them more convenient for attendees and exhibitors, the Miami Yacht Show will move from its old location to downtown Miami, alongside the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts and the Sea Isle Marina.

If you are planning to attend the boat show, you will want to make reservations early and purchase tickets as soon as they are available.  Because enthusiasts already making plans, tickets will sell out quickly.

Also, the moment you realize you will be making the trip to beautiful Miami, contact CarHopper immediately to prearrange a luxury or exotic car rental to greet you when you arrive.  The crowd will be enormous, so you will need to represent.

A Note for First-Time Boaters

If you are new to boating, have no worries, because the boat show has got you covered!

The famous “Fred’s Shed Interactive Learning Center” – two seminar tents dedicated to sailing and boating education with dozens of seminars held daily for novice boaters and experienced captains alike – will ensure you become the skipper of your boat in no time.  So relax and get excited – your turn is coming soon.

Before You Venture Out to Explore Miami…

Since you are already in attendance at the Miami International Boat Show and Yacht Show, why not consider the luxury VIP experience each show offers to their guests?

The cost for the Miami International Boat Show VIP experience includes complimentary food and drinks and gives guests access to an air-conditioned lounge where they can relax and enjoy onboard entertainment.

The cost for the Yacht Show VIP experience includes access to a private yacht and shuttle service to Watches & Wonders, Miami – an event held in the Miami Design District that exhibits over 20 of the world’s leading luxury timepiece manufacturers.  Here, you can see the latest trends in watches and view the newest creations from the most prestigious brands.

Eventually, when you are ready to explore more of Miami, grab a pamphlet and start reading, because the options are numerous!

Other Activities to Consider While in Miami

When water taxis and shuttle buses are not hauling you back and forth across water and land to blissfully admire and salivate over some of the world’s most powerful and technologically advanced boats and yachts, here are a few luxury activities you may want to engage in:

Miami Beach is All About Art

Well, if you are not familiar with Miami’s art culture before you get there, you will be well informed when you leave.  Miami’s Art Deco District is known for its gorgeous décor, colorful buildings, and intricate details.  Likewise, the wall art throughout the buildings and hotels is equally impressive.

Though, lucky for you, and also held during President’s Day weekend, is the Coconut Grove Arts Festival.  This 3-day outdoor event showcasing artwork in 15 visual categories from more than 360 internationally-recognized artists will turn you into an avid art collector in a single day.  If you ever wanted to invest in a few unique pieces of art, this is the right place at the right time to do so.

Now, imagine how much art you can fit into your luxury, supercharged 2018 Range Rover.  A Land Rover favorite that captures the attention of every person not driving one.  Hmm, an impressive breed for the arrogant and obnoxious — but, no worries,  it’s all good.  You worked hard for that status, so keep doing what you’re doing!

Take A Miami Beach Boat Tour

So, what’s one more boat tour added to the mix?  Ironic enough, you are in Miami to witness a spectacular display of new boats and yachts, but none of them will take you on a magnificent tour down Miami Beach to catch a glimpse of the palatial properties situated along Millionaire’s Row.  However, the Miami Beach boat tour will do just that – take you on a cruise along the beach to marvel at celebrity homes like Gloria Estefan and Julio Iglesias.  Also on Millionaire’s Row, you will get to see the former home of Al Capone, where they filmed the controversial movie “Scarface.”

black Ferrari FF for visiting the Miami International Boat Show

You know, it is quite funny — with your coveted 4th generation exotic 2018 Black Ferrari FF with automatic transmission and digital audio broadcast radio – parked in valet, of course –  it seems Millionaire’s Row is entirely appropriate for you and puts things into perspective for your spectators.

Yeah, they saw you pull up in your lavishly exotic dream car, now they tilt their heads and wonder if it’s your home they should be cruising past. Hmm, the audacity of your pretentious antics. Nonetheless, well done. Mission accomplished!

Fly High on a Miami Helicopter Tour

Just how daring are you? Are you bold enough to get a bird’s eye view of Miami from inside a helicopter? Well, believe us when we say that there is no better way to view the amazing city of Miami and the alluring blue and green waters that elevate the picturesque waterscapes throughout the town.

Leave your exotic car rental with the valet, skip the shuttle bus, and show up to your event en vogue. After all, this snobbish crowd expects nothing less from you because they know who you are. Remember, they parked their dream cars in valet too.

Charter a Private Luxury Yacht

In keeping with this week’s theme, may we suggest getting together with a large group of friends or Miami Boat Show attendees (um, your new friends) and charter a private yacht to tour Biscayne Bay? Glitzy and glamorous, exotic and tropical, is the life of a real socialite. Everything in style, everything first-class, everything, period; ergo, you should climb aboard the private yacht, sip some Champagne, delight in the entertainment, and live your life accordingly.

 Kill Two Activities With One Stone

What would a trip to Miami be if you did not come home loaded with packages, pictures, and new connections for your next visit?  Luxury, exotic car rentals, and pricey shopping excursions go hand and hand in this neck of the woods.  As do the Shops at Bal Harbour and Ocen Drive, which is why your 2017 Lamborghini Huracan with its blazing acceleration, powerful brakes, and surprising predictability almost drives itself, because it already knows where it’s going.

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