Luxury Guide to Miami’s Winter Music Conference

The onset of spring is right around the corner, and things are about to change.  Cool ocean breezes, lively music, delicious food, and the sweet mix of aromas will soon be in effect.  Businesses will be booming, entertainers will be entertaining, and locals and out of towners will be celebrating. All these amazing happenings of Spring come to life at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, and the best way to attend the conference is in style with a luxury or exotic car from CarHopper.

The Happenings at the Winter Music Conference in Miami

Each year in March, the annual “Winter Music Conference (aka WMC) takes place at the Faena Forum in Miami Beach, Florida, and features approximately 400+ events including parties, networking events, workshops, seminars, panels, and private functions.  Every one of the industry professionals, including promoters, artists, record labels, producers, and enthusiasts will be in attendance at this electronic music conference; and every hotel, restaurant, and club hotspot in the area will be at capacity and beyond.  This year, the event happens during the week of March 20th thru March 22nd, and the organization will discuss critical topics facing the music industry today.

Continuing for three days after Winter Music Conference in Miami activities end is the annual “Ultra Music Festival” (aka UMF), which rolls out on the 23rd thru 25th of March.  A 3-day outdoor music concert, with multiple stages inside one large venue situated across the bay [from South Beach] at Bayfront Park.  It is the dance party for the ages, unlike any you have ever attended.


If you are planning on participating in any of the events or private soirees and have not yet confirmed your dates, then you should hurry! Tickets for these events sell out quickly.  And if you want to make it to the event in style. perhaps now is the time to make a bold statement by visiting CarHopper to rent the luxury or exotic car of your dreams.

Yes, a beautiful 2017 Convertible Lamborghini Huracan should carry you nicely through a busy week of food, festivities, and fun.  So, go ahead, hop in the driver’s seat of luxury and start living the fabulous life.

What Else is Going on in Miami?

Despite all the events taking place around you at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, perhaps you are looking for other activities to participate in while living it up. Here is a list of luxury activities you can undertake:

Cruise Ocean Drive

Amid all the action, there’s nothing more gratifying than driving your exotic rental car through the crowded streets of Miami in a drop-top convertible.  Driving down Ocean Drive through almost 1.5 miles of luxury hotels, charming café’s, sophisticated shops, and exciting nightlife is how you live the week like a local.  A road full of spectators will salivate as your wheels grip the pavement and your Lamborghini Infotainment System (LIS) pushes tunes that make you move.  Your energy is fierce, your arrogance is exhilarating, and yes, your sound system is a beast.  That’s OK, because everybody loves it, so keep on rolling!

Take a Luxury Casino Cruise

No matter the time of day, the Art Deco historic district is breathtaking, and the architecture even more so.  The beautiful backdrop of Miami only adds to the imagery of this glamorous and iconic collection of art deco boutique hotels.  Now, after driving your luxury or exotic car rental to the port of Miami to partake in an evening of fun aboard a luxurious casino cruise ship, imagine this view from the deck of this large vessel.  There is nothing more captivating than admiring the city’s skyline while sailing across the ocean.  Moreover, without having to travel to Las Vegas, you can find everything you need right on the ship.  So, lace up those dancing shoes, because, like the Ultra Music Festival, the music is non-stop!

Try Afternoon Tea at the Biltmore


You are young, adventurous, and maybe even a little cocky.  You hate buttered scones and finger sandwiches, but don’t mind a spot of tea from time to time.  You are smug.  Your friends adore you, but others ignore you.  Why do they misunderstand you?  Because what they don’t know is that “while they were sleeping, you were working.”  Now they see the dignity of your hard work, your success, and your savoir-vivre.  Thanks to CarHopper, you can pull up to the Biltmore for afternoon tea in a 2018 Ferrari FF with an engine so powerful it will make your head spin.  A machine capable of hitting 60mph in 3.5 seconds, and a top velocity of 208 mph.  Yeah, you’re feelin’ the envy of the crowd.  So relax.  Sip your tea … I believe they are awake now.

Dine at a Boutique Hotel

South Beach, Miami is chalk full of fancy boutique hotels with impressive architecture and fine dining.  Why not break from everyday eating at sidewalk cafés and consume your meal in a five-star restaurant inside one of the many Boutique Hotels in this area?  If you are participating in the Winter Music Conference in Miami or the Ultra Music Festival, this will give you some relief from the massive crowds, which can make for a lengthy and challenging process of getting nourishment.

Shop, Shop, Until You Drop

luxury-car-rental-bmw-carhopperWho doesn’t love to shop high fashion?  After all, it is one way to show you made it, and another way to show your style.  Designer bags, jewelry, embellished accessories, shoes to die for — you name it, Bal Harbour has it, including bedazzled coffee mugs and fancy water bottles.  No, it is not Fith Avenue in New York or Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills — though, some have referred to it as the east-coast Beverly Hills — but just the same Bal Harbour is an ultimate high-end shopping region in Miami Beach that caters to the elite.  It is a place where you would feel comfortable parking your exotic 2015 BMW i8, only because, you will be parking amongst your peers, who like yourself, require the more elegant things in life.

Rent a Luxury Villa

You live an affluent lifestyle, and you are driving the luxuriously designed exotic car of your dreams, so it is appropriate that you would go a step further and rent a lavish luxury villa to accommodate your stay in Miami.  A private waterfront beach villa, or perhaps an exclusive penthouse in South Beach, could prove worthwhile if you are participating in either the Winter Music Conference in Miami or the Ultra Music Festival (or both) and need a quiet retreat at the end of the day.  These are some of the most highly sought-after properties in the Miami area, of course, because they offer a more personalized experience for the renter.  So, if you are traveling with friends, enhance your trip and make it more pleasurable by obtaining a private living space for the duration.

Close Out Your Trip to the Winter Music Conference in Miami With a Visit to the Spa

If we may add one more thing to your luxury guide: when the chaos of the week has completed, one other thing you may want to consider before heading home in your luxury dream car is visiting the Mandarin Oriental’s award-winning 15,000 square foot spa.  The health and beauty services here are quite extensive and well deserving after a long week business and parties.  While there, indulge in a relaxing and invigorating in/outdoor full body massage.  Perhaps consider calming algae and mud Ocean & Earth Body Wrap to remove damaging toxins from your body.  Alternatively, indulge in whatever treatment you feel you deserve.  Without a doubt, a treat like this will have a tranquilizing effect on your senses and make the journey home more tolerable.

Let Us Help You Travel in Style

If you are planning to travel to the west coast, please check with one of our CarHopper offices in San Francisco or Los Angeles for assistance with obtaining a vehicle that will accommodate your lifestyle.  On the contrary, if you are traveling to the east coast, reach out to us via our New York or Miami location to do the same.

The CarHopper brand takes pride in the service of delivering the most exceptional top-notch, luxury and exotic car rentals to its customers while building long-lasting relationships in the process.  Please contact us for more information on how we can help make your dream a reality.