March 2018 Car of the Month: The Audi R8

It’s sleek, it’s got power, and it can rely on the quality of German engineering. Is it really a wonder that the Audi R8 is our car of the month for March at CarHopper?

The German carmaker’s newest model ticks all the boxes. It’s not the most expensive or luxurious car on the market, but it certainly does the trick, whether you’re looking for a joy ride down the coast of San Francisco or look to visit an exclusive party in the Hamptons.

Familiarity, in fact, is one of the key selling points of this model. You will not sit down behind the wheel without knowing what to do. Instead, you immediately feel like you know what you’re doing, and what you’re supposed to do. As a result, you can focus on the driving while the rest of the experience takes care of itself.

The Power of German Engineering

When it comes to the Audi R8, we have to start with the engines. After all, it’s not every day that a street-level luxury car rental packs this much power! Whether you want to rev your engine or enjoy a leisurely drive, you cannot help but feel just how much the engine is working to get you what you want. Paragraphs like these, from Car and Driver Magazine, are not common for many of its competitors:

Revs are what the V-10 does best, but it’s no anemic weakling at lower rpm. There’s enough torque to keep it tractable when asked to trundle, and it’s quiet and refined… In the hills, it takes a good while to build up to using the full allocation of revs; even upshifting at 6500 rpm it feels sports-car fast, with a good two grand still to go before reaching the limiter. Cross the 7000-rpm line and you’re in definite supercar territory, the V-10 practically popping a can of spinach as it snarls its way to redline.

The motor is also the reason this sports car feels so familiar. It uses many of the same parts and mechanics as the Lamborghini Huracan, another favorite of our customers in the same category. Add the prerequisite touch of German engineering and you end up with a ride that’s as reliable as it is powerful.

A Sleek, Luxurious Interior

luxurious interior of the luxury car Audi R8

What’s raw power without interior luxury? Any exotic car rental should be able to provide both, and the Audi R8 does not disappoint. Its cabin is exquisitely trimmed but certainly does not lack in comfort. Standard features include leather seats, automatic climate control, heated upholstery, and more.

A single look inside will convince you to take a seat. But it doesn’t end with comfort, either. In fact, the car’s internal infotainment system is among the best in the business. A backup camera is standard for vehicles of this class; the Audi R8 goes far beyond that baseline.

A large trip computer offers anything from mileage calculation to integrated GPS navigation. Mobile internet ensures WiFi, even in the most difficult to reach places. Fancy a trip to the Everglades or South Florida from Miami? You’ll remain connected, no matter where you are.

The result is a predictable feeling of luxury. Simply put, you cannot help but feel that your money is well-spent on a luxury car rental that truly holds the promise of its name.

A Smooth and Comfortable Ride

Any experienced driver of supercars knows that at the end of the day, luxury and power are two parts of a triangle. The third component can be difficult to achieve. Even the most powerful British and Italian brands struggle with comfort as they power you through narrow streets and open roads. Good thing, then, that the Audi R8 has prioritized comfort alongside its other benefits.

We’ve already highlighted some of this aspect above, but it’s worth discussing more. The ride couldn’t be much smoother, even as you ramp up your engine to the upper echelon of RPM. And, of course, that’s by design.

You can control most of your vehicle through the steering wheel, with easily accessible buttons available at all times. Drivers of previous models may recognize the Drive Select button, which allows you to cycle between one of three driving modes. Comfort is perfect for a smooth ride in Las Vegas, but perhaps you’ll be more enticed by the Auto or Dynamic modes? The more advanced model even takes it one step further with a new Performance mode that optimizes your driving dynamically based on dry, wet, and snowy conditions.

Make the Audi R8 Your Next Luxury Car Rental

Audi has worked hard on its new flagship model, and the results show in the R8. It’s one of the rare cars that delivers on all ends of the spectrum, offering everything from luxury to power and sheer comfort. From Los Angeles to New York, and whether you want to rent it for a single day or an entire week, it’s well worth a try for any lover of fast and luxurious cars.

The question, then, becomes the place of rental. After all, countless exotic car rental services promise the perfect experience. Not all of them, of course, are truthful. If you are truly looking for a smooth experience, more than the car matters. In addition, you should also choose strategically who you want to rent the car from.

That’s where CarHopper enters the equation. We’re known throughout the country for our VIP customer service experience as well as our lack of hidden fees. Simply put, we will put your needs first, offering 24/7 support that helps you adjust or extend your reservation as needed. The R8 is just one of the many vehicles in our inventory at any given time.

Rent your dream car today and unlock a new world of luxury tomorrow. The R8 and CarHopper, in that way, certainly seem like a perfect match. Whether you need to meet a client on business or simply want to enjoy the beauty of South Beach, this is the vehicle for you. Contact us to check our available listings in your city of choice!