A Pure Performance Supercar, the 2013 Maserati Gran Turismo


No matter if you’re brought to Las Vegas for work or pleasure, there is always an element of fun to visiting Sin City. For those who don’t want to rent an ordinary sedan, the Maserati Gran Turismo is available for hire and leaves an impression everywhere your journey leads. With beautiful, Italian Grand Touring styling and scintillating V8 power, the Maserati Gran Turismo will rewrite the book on what a rental car can deliver on your next trip to Las Vegas.


GT cars are all about a seamless union of comfort and speed, and this high-end hire car takes decades of expertise from Maserati’s storied history in building GT cars.  A long, low hood hides a naturally-aspirated V8 that puts 454 horsepower down through the rear wheels. This 4.7-liter engine pulls hard throughout the entire rev range, and in typical Maserati fashion, has a stunning soundtrack that begins to crescendo the closer to redline you explore. The dramatic V8 embodies the passion of Italian sports cars and will rocket this 4 seat coupe to 60 miles per hour in less than 5 seconds.

white maserati gran turismo sport 2013 interior


The Gran Turismo is not all about stunning performance, however. Grand Touring sensibilities dictate that comfort is equally as important as speed, and the lavish Maserati Gran Turismo is all about luxury. The cabin is awash in top quality natural leather and accented in high-polished wood veneers. Standard Bose stereo and iPod integration give you a soundtrack option that isn’t the screaming V8, and parking sensors alleviate any stress of putting your rental car away for the evening.

From afar, dramatic 2+2 styling is evidentiary of its sporting potential, but it’s look is much more than pure performance. Up front, Xenon headlamps and the signature Maserati trident are pure class, and the rear has a subtle, integrated lip spoiler that hints to the power available in this luxury sports rental car.  When renting in Las Vegas, we cannot guarantee a win on every hand played at the Bellagio. We do know, however, that showing up in the Maserati Gran Turismo will make you feel like a high roller.