A Pulse Racing Supercar, the 2018 McLaren 570S


Drawing inspiration from decades of excellence while racing in Formula One, one turn behind the wheel in the McLaren 570S reveals big league performance levels from this “junior” supercar. Built around a high strength carbon fiber monocoque, this luxurious sports car has a soul that is uncommon for such an advanced piece of engineering. Pop open the butterfly doors and grab the keys to the spectacular McLaren 570S in Las Vegas from Carhopper for pulse-racing travel to and from the Strip.

White McLaren 570S 2018 sideview


From start-up the McLaren 570S emits a deep and authoritative rumble on idle, ready to respond to your commands.  With a twin-turbo V8 mounted behind the passenger compartment, your entire rental is accented with a mechanical symphony as you run through the gears. Grappling with the tarmac to put down 562 horsepower, once rear tires gain traction acceleration is immediate and worthy of the supercar badge. Ripping off 0-60 sprints in less than 3 seconds, the pace is unbelievable and this McLaren 570S is a more than willing dance partner for the thrill-seekers out there.


Being well mannered in town and at city speeds, the McLaren 570S is suitable for travel in and out of downtown Las Vegas. It is comfortable while cruising, but quick steering and a lively chassis allow it to wake up and attack corners with ease. The endless power available allows the car to be pushed well within the limits while still rewarding drivers with great feedback and gobs of pace. With adjustable dampers ranging from cushy and compliant to race ready, an attitude adjustment (or softer ride) is just the push of a button away.

White McLaren 570S 2018 interior

Low, sculpted and aggressive styling draw envy from all, and the 570S is sure to leave an impression in your wake. When renting a supercar in Vegas, be sure to make a splash from the beginning with this beautiful McLaren. Functionally designed from an aerodynamic perspective, this futuristic coupe leaves no questions unanswered to the awesome performance below the surface. Once you’ve raised the signature hinged doors, it becomes easy to understand the emotional connection this car creates with drivers the world over. Engaging on the road and visually unique, the McLaren 570S in Las Vegas is a safe bet to thrill on and off Strip.