A Timelessly Sporty Coupe, the 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS

If you’re to pop the hood on the Mercedes AMG GTS, you’ll notice a small plate on the valve cover of the twin-turbocharged V8 lurking within. There, a small signature names the craftsman who assembled the engine before you with duty and pride, and it takes just one crank of the motor to understand the fruits of that labor. With luxury and poise that suit luxurious Beverly Hills, take the keys and experience this Mercedes AMG GTS in Los Angeles near LAX, central West Hollywood, and sunny Newport Beach with Carhopper.


With a shape reminiscent of classic Mercedes sports cars, this two-seat coupe is timelessly proportioned to convey a sense of sportiness. The traditional pointed star inside of the Panamericana grille has graced the nose of Benzes for generations and is flanked by aggressive air intakes and sleek Xenon headlamps. Down the side of the Mercedes AMG GTS, fender vents are graced with chrome V8-biturbo badges that let everyone know you’ve got a monster under the hood.

gray mercedes amg gts interior


The Mercedes AMG GTS must be rented to truly appreciate the power and performance it is capable of.  This 4.0 liter V8 is flanked by twin-turbochargers and motivates the AMG GTS to 60 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds. With power going to the rear wheels through a limited slip differential, you won’t struggle to put the power down when you call for it. The 7-speed dual clutch transmission shifts comfortably in the standard settings, but turn up the wick and lightning quick shifts are announced with a bark of acknowledgment from the sports exhaust.

gray mercedes amg gts side view

Next Steps

The biggest takeaway from your time renting the Mercedes AMG GTS will be the remarkable pliability at your fingertips. This luxury coupe can, at the flip of a switch, transform from a comfortable cruiser to a track-focused sports car. With dual natured abilities, the Mercedes AMG GTS is livable in everyday use to a degree that few other luxury cars available for hire can match. A city of color and lights like Las Vegas is the perfect canvas for you to paint your own story on, and what a better brush is there than the AMG GTS? Renting an AMG GTS from Carhopper equips you with the attitude to make an appearance anywhere in the city, but you’ll want to take the keys from the valet and get back on the road when you know the wheel of this V8 powerhouse awaits.