Affordable Luxury Sedan, the Mercedes-Benz C300

The ride

Although it occupies the entry level offering of the Mercedes’ current sedan offerings, in typical Mercedes fashion the Mercedes-Benz C300 sedan cuts no corners on delivering an excellent luxury motoring experience in a more compact fashion. Still capable of seating 5 adults in total comfort, the Mercedes-Benz C300 sedan takes inspiring performances on street to the masses and is available for hire in Miami through Carhopper. The perfect escort for a night out at the clubs in Ft. Lauderdale or Miami Near Brickell, it has all of the panache on street to fit in with well-heeled socialites of Miami Beach.

With the soul of a sports car, this luxury sedan finds inspiration from a lively turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Delivering 255 horsepower with the aid of a twin-scroll turbocharger, on-road performance is stirring and exactly what you would expect from a rental car that has the three-point star emblem gracing the front grille.


Inside, comfortable seating for 5 is leather wrapped and has impeccable details to delight throughout the cabin. Heated front seats and dual climate zones give both driver and passenger the independence to dial in their preferred comfort level, though you will have to come to agreement on who’s playlist provides the soundtrack for the drive. Once decided upon, a 7 inch display is equipped with Apple CarPlay for easy pairing with iPhone.

black mercedes-benz c300 sedan interior


From the outside, an elegant design edges toward aggressive and sporty with large intakes and vents in the bumpers, and sculpted lines down the doors communicate sporty intent. The large central grille is reminiscent of classic Benz sports cars, and the Star emblem features prominently so no matter who you see while traveling in Los Angeles to LAX, trendy Beverly Hills, Central West Hollywood, Downtown Santa Monica, or coastal Newport Beach they’re sure to notice the way in which you arrived.

With an athletic elegance that pleases with dynamic abilities on the road, this rental from Carhopper puts luxury and style together in one car. The Mercedes-Benz C300 available in the San Francisco Bay Area might be the smaller of the Benz luxury sedans, luxury is not relinquished as the C300 proves time and time again.