A Luxurious Five Seat Cruiser, the 2018 Mercedes E300

With big-body comfort and luxury known to the world over, those who know luxury sedans agree that the Mercedes-Benz E300is one of the automotive world’s true gems. With a supple cloud-like ride and luxury features to match, this midsize five-seat cruiser is sure to provide an easy on-road experience when you reserve through Carhopper. With materials and quality akin to the flagship S-Class, the Mercedes-Benz E300 delivers unencumbered comfort that is appropriate to share with both clients and friends.


Exterior styling is classy and reserved, with dramatic flair left to the less-sensible options in the Benz lineup. With the tri-point star taking center stage in the large front grille and a strong character line emitting from the headlight to the rear quarter panel, the styling of the Mercedes Benz E300 falls in with the familial traits we’ve come to expect from Mercedes Benz.


Inside, class-leading luxury starts off with choice materials and high-end finishes. The front seats are spectacular- exceedingly comfortable, adjustable to your heart’s content, and wrapped in high-quality natural leather. As a luxury sedan designed with comfort in mind, there are few seats out there that do the job to the level of these front buckets. Beautiful natural grain wood covers the waterfall dash and lends a warm, organic feeling to the cabin.

A central touchscreen is the hub of all activity inside, and at a massive 12.3 inches diagonal this display is easy to read and has a variety of options to interface with it. You’ll have the option of touchpads on the steering wheel, a center console located rotary knob with touch reception, or voice commands to stay connected with the world outside of the opulent cabin.

white mercedes e300 2018 interior

Ready for business in the Valley or adventuring under the SoCal sun, the Mercedes Benz E300 is available for hire in both the city of Los Angeles near LAX, in downtown Beverly Hills, or in downtown West Hollywood. This Mercedes-Benz E300 is also available to rent in Santa Monica and sunny Newport Beach or in the San Francisco Bay Area. Be sure to ask about dropping off in another city as this E300 luxury sedan is more than happy to comfortably soak up miles up and down the west coast.