An All Road Luxury SUV, the 2018 Mercedes-Benz G550 4×4

If you’re gearing up for Southern California adventures that will take you on road and off, most rental SUV’s can’t shake a stick at the off-road capabilities offered by the Mercedes-Benz G550 4×4.  Starting with the coveted G Class luxury SUV, this G550 4×4 is mild mannered on the road but prepared to take on the dusty trail without a sweat. Lavish and spacious inside, renting a Mercedes-Benz G550 4×4 is a contradiction in practice. You’ll struggle to comprehend how such a capable off-roader is as luxurious and refined as this 4×4 manages to be.


Available for hire in Los Angeles, the Mercedes-Benz G550 4×4 provides luxuries suited for urban adventuring inside. Unmistakable from the outside, this luxury SUV has quickly become the ride of choice for those who want to be seen wherever they go. High quality materials cover the cabin, with a suede headliner and quilted leather seats every surface is luxurious and welcoming to the touch. To maximize comfort, multi-contour front seats have active heat and cooling functions and offer an endless range of adjustment. At the center of the dashboard, an 8 inch touchscreen allows seamless integration of your telephone and controls most central functions during the drive. Able to be controlled from the steering wheel as well, the system is quick and intuitive to use.

white mercedes-benz g550 4x4 interior


Where the Mercedes-Benz G550 4×4 shines, however, is when the road gets rough. Compared to its standard G550 siblings, the 4×4 trim cranks off the all-road capabilities and is ready for the vast Southern California wilderness. Dual springs and struts as well as 22 inch wheels help ground clearance nearly double to 17 inches, meaning soft road travel is easily handled while you ride in absolute comfort. The twin-turbocharged bi-turbo V8 offers down- low grunt when the going gets slow, but on road it can open up for more inspired straight line performance.

Next Steps

While it has the look and the name to fit in with the well-heeled clientele of Beverly Hills or Downtown West Hollywood, this ultra-luxurious SUV is happiest getting down to its utilitarian roots and heading off on uncharted adventures to Santa Monica. Don’t compromise luxury just because the going gets tough, as the Mercedes-Benz G550 4×4 is capable and ready to rent in Los Angeles near LAX for your next all-road adventure.