A Truly Opulent Sedan, the 2017 Mercedes Maybach S600

An experience like no other on the road awaits with the Mercedes Maybach S600 executive luxury sedan. With athletic reflexes and top-class opulence in a cabin for four, few cars the world over can match the luxurious appointments and impeccable craftsmanship that will elevate all future expectations as to what a hire car can achieve. Currently available to book in New York, this ultra-luxurious sedan is fit for a king and more than capable of providing a memorable experience in the city that never sleeps. With supple comfort on road, those looking to travel to the Hamptons in Maybach comfort should look no further than this high-end offering from Carhopper.


An elegant performer, Mercedes Maybach S600 balances sporting intent with opulence in a manner that no other sedan can achieve. With stately manners on road, comfort is optimized by a cloud-like air suspension that works to keep balance and composure over the most jarring of surfaces. Brisk, athletic acceleration comes from a bi-turbo V8 that is not only massively powerful but silky smooth in its delivery. All-wheel drive provides assurance in putting the power down in all conditions, and you’ll note light steering that allows for easy low-speed maneuvers.

black mercedes maybach s600 2017 side view


With a palatial cabin that is warm and welcoming, the Mercedes Maybach S600 provides world-class comfort and is an ideal means of shielding yourself from the hustle and commotion of Los Angeles. Diamond quilted leather lines the cabin, and all surfaces are covered in exquisite materials that are pleasing to the touch. Renting this luxury sedan gets access to some of the automotive world’s most innovative seating, and rear captain’s chairs offer a power recline, both heating and cooling functions, as well as programmed massage cycles for the ultimate in-car relaxation. Wireless charging front and rear keep all passengers’ batteries full, and a 12-inch touchscreen display allows easy access to media, telephony, and vehicle settings.

black mercedes maybach s600 2017 interior

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For a peerless experience renting a luxury sedan in Los Angeles, the Maybach badge promises uncompromising luxury and timeless styling to match a cloud-like ride. Many may say they offer luxurious motoring, but hiring this Mercedes Maybach S600 gains access to exclusivity that few are lucky enough to ever encounter. In Los Angeles, this luxurious Mercedes Maybach S600 is available near LAX, and in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and Santa Monica. In New York, it is available in downtown New York, East Hampton, and West Hampton. With long wheelbase comfort and a stately exterior, the Mercedes Maybach S600 is a sensible choice for those traveling with the most discerning of tastes.