Top mistakes to avoid when renting a luxury car

Renting a luxury or exotic car is one of the best parts of your vacation experience. When you use a luxury car rental agency like CarHopper, which works just like Expedia, you’ll have a great luxury and exotic car rental experience without any of the hassles. If you’re renting an exotic or luxury car, however, you want to be sure that you’re making the most out of your experience–and that means avoiding these five common mistakes people often make when renting a luxury or exotic car.

Mistakes to avoid: Waiting until you get to your destination airport to secure a rental car.

Many people go on vacation simply assuming that there will be an appropriate rental car waiting for them when they get to their destination. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case! If you want to rent an exotic or luxury car or enjoy all the feelings of luxury that go along with a luxury or exotic car rental, it’s important that you do your research ahead of time and secure your rental car before you head out on vacation. This can accomplish several things.

  • If you rent at the airport, you’ll often pay a premium for the convenience. Renting ahead can get you a better deal on your rental car.
  • By checking out luxury and exotic car rentals ahead of time, you can make sure there’s a car you like available in the area, rather than getting stuck with whatever’s handy.
  • Renting your car before you arrive at the airport means that you’ll be able to consider your options and rent a car that you’re sure will fit all of your needs, from its size to its speed.

Mistakes to avoid: Taking out too much insurance.

Most people assume that when they pick up a rental car, they need to pick up the insurance that goes along with it. If they’re in an accident or there’s damage to the car, they want to be sure that they won’t be responsible for paying for it out of their own pockets! Savvy renters with experience in luxury and exotic car rentals, however, know that they should check their own car insurance policies before taking out a fresh policy on a luxury or exotic rental car. Many car insurance policies include rental cars–even luxury and exotic ones! Know your own coverage before you decide to rent a car. That way, you can dodge unnecessary insurance that will only end up tacking on additional expense to your rental.

Mistakes to avoid: Taking the first available rental without checking around for a price.

Before the internet, you might have been stuck with whatever price your rental car company of choice offered you. Today’s shoppers, however, know that they can shop around. Programs like CarHopper are designed to make finding luxury and exotic rental cars as simple as possible. Just check CarHopper for available cars in your area. If you’re going to be vacationing in Miami or checking out Las Vegas, you can find a luxury or exotic rental car that will fit your needs without sacrificing your budget. Visiting the Hamptons or cruising through New York City? CarHopper can help you find the luxury car for you at a price you’re willing to pay. Don’t get stuck paying premium prices just because you’re driving a luxury or exotic car! Instead, use CarHopper to find a luxury car for a reasonable price.

Mistakes to avoid: Not asking questions before you walk away with your luxury or exotic car.

Luxury and exotic cars often come complete with technology that hasn’t made it to the mainstream market yet. While the basics are usually the same as what you’ll find in any car, renting an exotic or luxury car means that you get some exotic benefits. Before you leave the lot with your rental car, make sure you understand how it works! Ask for any necessary information about the car before you start driving it. You can even request a walkthrough of all the car’s bells and whistles before you leave. After all, what’s the point of driving a luxury or exotic car through San Francisco if you don’t know how it works? Worse, you might be cruising through Los Angeles, only to discover that your luxury or exotic rental car doesn’t work the way you thought it would–and you don’t know how to fix it! Take the time to do a walk through with someone at the agency before you head out on your vacation or business trip, especially if you haven’t driven exotic cars in the past. It’s worth the time!

Mistakes to avoid: Not examining the car before you get in.

If you aren’t going to do a walk through with the agent before you leave with your car, you should certainly take the time to examine the luxury or exotic car before you get in it! While most rental car agencies will do their best to ensure that you aren’t held responsible for damage that you didn’t cause, cars are often turned around fast, and even the most meticulous inspector can miss details. Take the time to look at the car before you leave. If you spot any damage, take a few pictures. Don’t forget to get a shot of the whole car–after all, you want to document your luxury car rental experience, right?

Renting luxury or exotic cars can be a fantastic part of your vacation experience–and with CarHopper, you can enjoy all the benefits with increased convenience. Whether you’re visiting New York City for a business trip or heading to Miami, Las Vegas or Los Angeles on vacation, contact us today to learn more about the car rental process and how we can help increase the luxury you’ll enjoy while you’re on vacation.

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