Cruise Los Angeles in one of these exotic cars

Beverly Hills is famous around the United States for a reason. If you go, you have to plan your trip to make sure that you don’t just fit in, but stand out and make the appropriate impression. A number of restaurants, clubs, and other luxury stops are perfect for upscale visitors looking to get the full Beverly Hills and West Hollywood experience. But to make the most out of your visit, you have to arrive in the right vehicle. Here are our most popular cars in Los Angeles. Keep reading to learn about some of the area’s hottest spots, as well as the cars that can get you that experience.

most popular cars in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

5 Spots to Visit in Beverly Hills and WeHo

If you’ve visited this side of Los Angeles before, you know: picking out five luxury shops, restaurants, and lounges do not do the area justice. But your time may be limited, in which case these are the 5 hot spots you definitely need to hit in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

1) SoHo House West Hollywood

A private member’s club in WeHo, the SoHo house combines classic elegance with modern style. Mingle with celebrities, who visit so frequently that taking pictures is actually banned at the club. The location’s stated goal is to bring individuals with “creative souls” together, specifically outlining the type of clientele (and service) you will find here.

2) Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge

For generations, Hollywood stars and starlets have frequented the Polo Lounge. Movies have been filmed here, and the venue even played a part in the Watergate scandal. In other words, it’s a must visit. The Polo Lounge offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But its favorite offering maybe Sunday brunch, which is served in front of the backdrop of jazz music.

3) Il Pastaio

Comfort food has never been so elegant. Il Pastaio is run by Giacomino Drago, the legendary chef that has been responsible for its trademark Italian food for more than 20 years. It’s been ranked by critics as one of the top restaurants in Los Angeles, and guests from everywhere tend to agree.

4) Shopping on Rodeo Drive

Who hasn’t heard of Rodeo Drive? One of the most famous shopping passages in the world is a must-visit for anyone looking for a luxurious experience in Beverly Hills. Two Rodeo Drive, for instance, is a European-style shopping center that houses brands like Versace, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, Serapian and Tiffany & Co. In all, more than 100 boutiques offer the finest in fashion apparel, handbags, shoes, home accessories, jewelry and more.

5) The Gendarmerie Boutique & Spa

Finally, any traveler looks to relax. Fortunately, the Beverly Hills and WeHo neighborhood offer plenty of luxurious opportunities to do just that. Our personal favorite is the Gendarmerie Boutique and Spa, a Best of LA winner in past years as voted by readers of Los Angeles Magazine.

6 Luxury Cars that Turn Your Visit Into an Experience

The above five stops have the potential to turn your visit to West Hollywood into an exclusive experience. But you can only fulfill that full potential if you actually arrive in style. To help you accomplish that feat, here are 6 of the most popular cars in Los Angeles available on CarHopper.

1) Rolls Royce Dawn


Nothing says elegance quite like a Rolls Royce, and the Dawn is at the top of the brand’s models. Drive one of these convertibles, and you’ll get instant recognition and acknowledgment of your taste and style.

2) Ferrari 488

What’s left to say about Ferrari’s that hasn’t already been said? It’s perhaps the most famous car brand in the world and one you will find frequently on the roads of Beverly Hills. The 488 is particularly desirable, thanks to its smooth ride combined with the brand’s trademark power.

3) Lamborghini Aventador

Nothing quite compares to pulling up to a venue in WeHo and flipping open your doors to announce your entrance. Actually, check that: 700 horsepower and an interior nothing short of luxurious might just compare. Rent an Aventador, and you get the full package of what an exotic car rental should entail.

4) Maserati Ghibli

The sunroof is perfect for warm California days. Meanwhile, the engine does its job in announcing your impending arrival. What’s better to turn your visit to SoCal into an experience than a Ghibli? We cannot think of much.

5) Porsche 911

Sometimes, sticking to the basics makes the most sense. The Porsche 911 may be the classic sports car, a beautiful machine engineered in Germany for sheer power. The engine’s trademark Porsche roar will more than make up for some of the exclusivity you lose compared to the Rolls Royce, Ferrari, or McLaren options mentioned above.

6) Mercedes Benz AMG GT

Speaking of German engineering: if you’ve ever wanted to drive the country’s premier luxury brand, now is your chance. The AMG goes beyond power, also incorporating a luxury that many of its sports car colleagues cannot compete with. We almost feel compelled to invent a new word for the experience that comes with this vehicle: drivability.

Of course, these are just some of the options you have when looking to cruise through Beverly Hills and WeHo. Our full list of available luxury car rentals in Los Angeles gives you more choices, sure to fit your needs and budget.

A luxury trip is only enhanced through an exotic car rental. And if that rental is convenient in addition to luxurious, you have all the ingredients you need to visit California and its exclusive neighborhoods in style and without stress. To learn more about the CarHopper experience that can get you to that point, and help you enjoy other cities like Miami, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, and the Hamptons to their fullest, contact us.