November 2017 Car of the Month: Tesla Roadster

Looking for a fast car can mean spending more money than you may really have just to own a luxury vehicle. The Tesla Roadster is undoubtedly on your short list considering it’s deemed the fastest car in the world now.

Why own it, though, when it’s possible to rent similar cars for a more affordable price and for any length of time?

At CarHopper, we can accommodate this with many luxury and exotic cars. However, we want to show you why our car of the month for November 2017, the Tesla Roadster, is such a standout car when the anticipated update releases in 2020. Take a look at its reported features and whether its notable speed lives up to the hype.

How Fast is the Tesla Roadster?

No doubt you’ve heard a lot about how fast the revamped Roadster is. Its speed is becoming somewhat of a legend, even! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – take a look at the facts.

In truth, you can race at speeds as fast as an incredible 250 mph, despite few if any places being available to travel at such a speed. Even so, being able to drive a car that can go this fast is a psychologically thrilling possibility.

Some other key things to note about the Roadster’s blazing speed:

  • It can go to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds.
  • It can accelerate to 100 mph in 4.2 seconds.
  • You can cover 1/4 mile in just 8.8 seconds.

These stats are just the beginning of the luxuries Tesla gives you. But we all know speed isn’t everything in enjoying a luxury car  – you must also feel right at home in the interior.

The Roadster is Electric

With Elon Musk pushing more electric cars in his Tesla line, his revamped Roadster plans to up the ante with 7,376 lb.-ft. of torque at the wheels. It’s going to use three electric engines, according to Musk himself, giving it incredible horsepower compared to any other electric car on the market.

Car and Driver notes that the Roadster is going to use a 200.0-kWh battery pack, enabling it to take on 620 miles of highway travel without a charge. A car with this kind of battery power can help you on those long road trips for the holidays in the coming decade.

The design of the Roadster, though, is something to behold. You’ll want to see what the car offers in its exterior and interior design.

The Exterior

While the Tesla company describes the Roadster as an “all-electric supercar”, you’ll want to know more about why it’s so super beyond going electric. The answer? Its outstanding exterior and interior design.

At first look, you’ll notice how much minimalism Tesla put into the design. It doesn’t have any grilles or mirrors. To many, this is a true par excellence design and almost comparable to how Apple designs their devices.

What’s most noticeable on the exterior is a giant windshield wiper taking considerable interest in those who’ve seen it. This is one giant wiper designed to presumably give you a cleaner windshield during driving rainstorms.

The Interior

You’re going to love driving the Roadster thanks to the interior being designed for comfort without feeling cramped. Most significantly, you can seat four people in the car, making the Roadster one of the rare cars offering so much seating space AND power.

The Tesla Roadster has a gorgeous interior to go along with its speed. The Tesla Roadster has a gorgeous interior to go along with its speed.

Another highlight is the car’s glass roof that’s lightweight and easy to remove whenever necessary. Basically, you can turn the Roadster into a convertible with easy storage of the glass roof in the car’s trunk.

What’s notable is Tesla makes the interior almost as spare as the exterior. The newest Roadster adheres to the original design of the older version. However, you’ll get some newer designs like the thin center console, a bright OLED display, and a redesigned interface.

Overall, the interior focuses on dark blacks to maintain the austere design quality.

Of note: The side doors on the car open six to eight inches higher than the previous edition, making it easier to get in and out.

Price Range

At the moment, the base price of the Roadster is set at $200,000. A “Founders Edition” has a price of $250,000. It’s proof when a car touts itself as the fastest in the world, you’re going to pay plenty.

The base reservation price is $50,000, requiring significant money down just to place yourself on the waiting list.

With the projected release date still three years away, things could also change in bringing further delays. Those of you wanting a fast luxury car now should probably look elsewhere to assuage your need for speed.

And guess what? A lot of other luxury cars like the Roadster are out there for rent.

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