October 2017 Car of the Month: Tesla Model X 90D

Sleek. Futuristic. Luxurious. All that and more describes the Tesla Model X, our CarHopper car of the month for the month of October. It’s a design masterpiece, complete with considerable long driving range compared to its electric competition.

Tesla has made headlines in recent years for disrupting the car industry. Unlike any other automaker, it comes with an internal and complete commitment to offer innovation, building models unlike anything car buyers have ever seen. In the Tesla Model X – particularly in the luxurious 90D trim option – Elon Musk’s upstart venture may have reached the pinnacle of that business model.

From the moment you encounter it, you will see the connection between the car and Musk’s other venture, SpaceX. But the appearance is far from the only selling point. Redefine fuel efficiency in this electric model, without the drawbacks of having to recharge every 50 miles. The unique combination of style and eco-friendliness is perfect for anyone looking to spend on a luxury vehicle without feeling guilty about it.

Electric Power

Don’t let the electric nature of this vehicle fool you: this one packs a punch. Thanks to a 1,500 amp battery, the Tesla Model X carries more than 500 horsepower, which allows it to accelerate quickly: from zero to 60 in 3.3 seconds, in fact. Add in some extra torque, and the perceived horsepower actually rises above 700. And yet, despite all of its power, the car can last almost 300 miles on a single charge.

When testing the Tesla against other sports vehicles, Car and Driver made a surprising discovery:

We tested the Tesla on the same day that we ran the McLaren 570S and the Porsche 911 GT3 RS at the track. Only the Model X’s acceleration caused an unintentional moan.

Now, let’s consider the fact that we’re not even talking about a sports vehicle here. This is a spacious mid-size SUV, keeping pace with some of the industry’s most notorious speedsters. If that’s not an accomplishment, we don’t know what is.

Handling and Driving Experience

The speed is there. But how does it actually feel to sit behind the wheel of a Model X 90D? Let’s keep it simple: you won’t be disappointed.

Tesla built this model with an intentional low center of gravity, which increases its handling abilities. Driving through the Hamptons and South Beach alike is a breeze, thanks to responsive brakes and a nuanced gas pedal.

The car’s electric nature brings benefits in its handling capabilities, as well. The steering wheel is more responsive, allowing you to feel every bend in the road and adjust accordingly. For California Speedsters and New York city drivers alike, the result is nothing short of comfort.

But, of course, let’s not bury the lead. Tesla is perhaps most famous for its Autopilot feature, which is included in the Tesla Model X as well. While not quite a self-driving car, it allows you to hand over the reigns while perusing the expansive highways around the United States and enjoying the vistas.

The Exterior

The Tesla Model X is a full-blown Sports Utility Vehicle.

The Tesla Model X is a full-blown Sports Utility Vehicle.

It may not look like it, but the Model X is a full-blown Sports Utility Vehicle. Of course, it doesn’t share the bulkiness of its competitors in its class; instead, it looks sleek enough to fit in seamlessly with the sedans and sports cars around it.

It’s no surprise, then, that U.S. News and World Report has crowned the 2016 model (available through CarHopper) as the top luxury midsize SUV available on the market. And you don’t even have to sit down to appreciate it; instead, simply wait for someone to open the doors.

An SUV featuring falcon doors does not come along every day. By the time the driver and passenger doors flip open, you will understand what makes this vehicle so special. The rich blue color and angry front lights only add to that first impression.

Interior Luxury

Tesla Model X P90D interior

Let’s be honest: even the sleekest car will not do the job if the exterior doesn’t convince you. Fortunately, the Model X doesn’t have that problem. Quite the opposite, in fact: everything about this vehicle screams luxury.

It starts with the comfortable leather seats and a panoramic windshield that allows you to see a greater part of the outdoors. But it doesn’t end there. For instance, Tesla’s Clean-Air Cabin filters an internal filtration system that’s specifically designed to prevent viruses and bacteria from entering the car.

The flash doesn’t end there. A 17-inch touchscreen helps with your autopilot feature and includes a full-size entertainment system. Between 5 and 7 passengers can fit in total, ensuring a comfortable ride for everyone involved.

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In other words, Tesla’s Model X is the perfect option if you are looking for a luxury vehicle that gathers admiring looks from any onlooker. But looks aren’t all that matters. In addition, the car’s automatic drive options combine with a luxurious experience to turn your driving into an experience you won’t soon forget.

Given its many benefits, you may be tempted to order a Tesla Model X right away. But why buy when you can rent? CarHopper offers the Model X in a variety of cities, allowing you to make sure that as you visit Miami or New York, you will have the right ride to match your trip.

Our intuitive app makes renting your next luxury dream car either. Whether you choose the Model X or another of our many options, you will appreciate the customized, 24/7 customer service and straightforward appeal of your booking experience. To learn more about the Car of the Month of October on CarHopper, as well as the rest of our broad inventory, contact us.