A Luxuriously Serene SUV, the Porsche Cayenne


Treat yourself to something a bit more special than the ordinary the next time travel to Los Angeles calls for renting an SUV.  Buttoned up enough for travel on business, yet sporty enough to bring a grin to even the most seasoned of gear-heads, the luxurious Porsche Cayenne provides a sporty means for travel both on (and off) road. With great driving dynamics for a 5 seat SUV, the all-wheel drive provides confidence no matter the conditions during your luxury SUV rental. With a luxuriously serene cabin, few vehicles can match the can-do attitude of a Porsche Cayenne when renting in Downtown Miami, sunny Ft. Lauderdale, or breezy Miami Beach.


Lauded for retaining the spirit of a sports car despite SUV bones, renting a Porsche Cayenne and jumping behind the wheel is the best way to uncover its dynamic abilities. Confidence inspiring all-wheel drive helps put down the V6’s 300 horsepower regardless of condition and proves it’s might equally on dusty trails.

On the road, steering is otherworldly compared to what other luxury SUVs can offer, you’ll experience consistent feedback through the steering wheel that is lightly weighted to match the character of the Cayenne. Adjustable air suspension allows for varying levels or ride height suited for on-or-off road adventures at the press of a button.


Luxury abounds inside the well-appointed cabin, where swaths of natural leather cover all 5 seats. A central touchscreen showcases all audio and Bluetooth functions and is easily reached by both passenger and driver, and CarPlay functionality is offered for Apple users as well. For convenience off of the beaten path, a split-fold rear seat offers flexibility in loading cargo, and a hands-free lift-gate makes loading this luxury even easier.

black porsche cayenne interior

Next Steps

Often thought of as an urban wild, Los Angeles offers some of the west coast’s most scenic and cherished parks and reservations, and venturing outside of the city is the easiest way to experience this beauty firsthand. Make sure when renting a luxury SUV in Los Angeles by LAX, central West Hollywood, luxurious Beverly Hills, downtown Santa Monica, and San Francisco near Union Square for outdoor adventures you don’t sacrifice luxury for utility. For a discerning driver, few SUVs can match the sporty experience the Porsche Cayenne delivers.