An Agile SUV, the Range Rover Evoque 2017

Few names in motoring history carry the weight and reputation that Land Rover does, and this cache has been well earned through a legacy of capable off-roaders that ventured the globe in search of adventure. As the Range Rover became more common in urban environments a need for a smaller, more navigable Range Rover arose. Answering the call is the Range Rover Evoque 2017, a compact 4×4 that injects modern styling and compact agility into the Range Rover lineup.


Available for rent from Carhopper, this Range Rover Evoque 2017 is the perfect partner in crime for urban mischief. Casting a small shadow, this high-end luxury SUV is motivated by a 2 liter turbocharged engine and impressive 237 horsepower that allows it to pop about town with ease, speed, and grace. As is to be expected with its familial roots, 4×4 capabilities exist with all-wheel drive and heightened ground clearance, so you can rest assured your rental will not be interrupted by adverse weather conditions.

black land rover range rover evoque 2017 interior


From the exterior, the minimalistic nature of Range Rover design is highlighted by sharp creases and boxy fenders that emit a sense of strength. With a sloping roofline and character lines to match on the body, the overall aesthetic is luxurious and forward-reaching. Inside, the spacious and modern cabin comes together with precise detail and luxurious materials for an unquestionably high-end feel, and with tons of technology at your fingertips the experience feels futuristic from behind the leather wrapped wheel.

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While able to power through the toughest conditions out there, the Range Rover Evoque 2017 is the ideal hire car for those who prefer to adventure in an urban wild. With soul awakening dynamics and an easy to live with footprint, the Range Rover Evoque 2017 is quickly becoming the new face of comfortable luxury motoring regardless of conditions outside.