Reasons our customers love renting a car with us

Rent a car. Pull up in the driveway. Make an unforgettable impression. For most individuals, it’s a dream that rarely comes true. That is, of course, unless you forego traditional rental companies and find a service that disrupts the market instead. We started CarHopper in 2016 with the express goal of helping upscale customers more easily and conveniently rent luxury cars during their business and personal trips. Like our clients, we’re car enthusiasts who like nothing more than hitting the road and pulling up in a car that makes an impression. But this is not about us. Our vision from the start has been to create the experience that is driving a luxury car, even as you’re on the go. So instead of simply outlining why we think our service is the right fit for your needs, we will let our customers make that point on our behalf. Here are 5 reasons our customers love the CarHopper luxury car rental experience, based on a variety of customer testimonials we have collected.

1) Convenience on the Go

Renting a car should be easy. You should not have to spend a majority of your time planning a trip to Miami, New York, or San Francisco on finding the right car. Unfortunately, for anyone looking to find luxury cars, that has generally been the case.

It starts with a Google search but devolves into hours of vetting websites to make sure you find a credible service. No more. Gregg Hoffman regularly travels from his home in Chicago to Los Angeles. As he points out,

I don’t have time to be sitting there, researching car rental companies. I like to go into the app, and find the car I want. It’s the easiest way to find the best cars.

It really is that simple. You download the app and select your location and time of travel. Now, you can easily choose from and reserve your next exotic car rental from a list of cars available for you.

2) Making an Instant Impression

Especially business owners and executive, who regularly meet and interact with upscale clientele, have come to love the service because of the air of instant impression it tends to make on their counterparts. CarHopper Member Jack Sampson explains the value of the service to his nationwide real estate development and property management company:

As a business owner and operator, exclusivity is very important to me. The Bentley’s, the Lamborghini’s, the Ferrari’s – these are vehicles that I need to run my business effectively. Who doesn’t want to be successful?

For business or personal pleasure, a luxury car rental may be the key to making an unforgettable first impression. Traveling across the United States to destinations like the Hamptons doesn’t allow for the luxury of bringing your own car with you. Being able to easily rent it at your destination, in order to entertain clients or pull up to an exclusive party, will make sure you stay in the minds of anyone you interact with long after you’re gone.

3) No Commitments

You might just want to try out the service, as Betsy Opyt did when looking for a birthday gift for your husband. Or, after first use and as a frequent traveler, you might want to take advantage of CarHopper each time you’re in Los Angeles, New York City, Miami Beach, or another hot locale.

Regardless of your preferences, this is the right service for you. That’s because, as Greg Hoffman points out in one of his customer testimonials, there are no membership fees or other types of commitments. Instead, you simply pay for the time you rent a vehicle, with individual transactions for each exotic car rental instead of a monthly membership.

4) Curated Cars For Your Needs

Let’s face it: there is no such thing as the perfect luxury car. You may prefer Lamborghini over Ferrari, or Rolls Royce over Bentley. With CarHopper, your choices are only limited by your preferences and imagination.

For each location, we have curated a list of cars for you that meet your individual needs and budget. From Porsche to BMW, luxury SUV to sports car, you will find a vehicle that meets your needs. From pleasure to business, you will find a car that suits you. DJ Manami explains:

My lifestyle is fast-paced, so I like my car to reflect it. What I like about CarHopper is that the options are endless… You name it, they have it. The options are endless

Crucially, the ‘no commitment’ benefit also carries over to the cars you pick. If, during your second experience with the service, you prefer a Lamborghini over a Bentley, you are free to make your choice independently from previous luxury car rentals.

5) The Value Of Customer Service

When you plan your travel and arrive in a new city, you don’t have the time to deal with any type of complication. As Jack Sampson points out in one of our customer testimonials, “it’s very important for me to deal with a company that has Nr. 1 customer service.”

Our 24/7 support is designed to accommodate that need. Even if your trip doesn’t go exactly as planned, we can make the adjustments you need to stay on track and keep your exotic car rental in place. This commitment is best summed up by a recent experience from Betsy Opyt, who is the CEO of a gourmet nut and seed butter company:

I was running late, and I contacted the support team. They were wonderful at making the accommodations still work for me.

So now that you have read our customer testimonials, what do you think makes CarHopper so different from other luxury car rental opportunities? Betsy Opyt sums it up: “It’s just luxury at your finger tips.” Contact us to learn more about this unique experience, allowing you to take advantage of the same benefits that our customers have come to know and love.

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