An Ultra Luxurious Sedan, the Rolls Royce Ghost

Designed as a smaller take on the ultra-luxurious Rolls Royce experience, the Rolls Royce Ghost in the central Ft. Lauderdale makes no sacrifices in providing the ultimate in class and comfort despite a smaller footprint. At the upper echelon of the luxury sedan world, this Rolls Royce hire car in Downtown Miami is sure to give you the finest of motoring experiences when you book through CarHopper, also available in Miami Beach, to ensure you arrive at the clubs in style.


Sublime styling is the first thing to catch your eye when you approach the Rolls Royce Ghost. Simple, beautiful curves define the four door’s body, and sculpted headlamps frame the classic Parthenon grille that has defined the face of Rolls for decades. While it is the smaller of the Rolls Royce ultra-luxury sedans, the Ghost still casts an air of elegance and reverence. Inside, sweeping surfaces covered in polished wood and chrome are as expected, but modern touches as a centrally controlled touch screen and surround sound stereo ensure comfort is beyond just the materials that drape the luxurious interior.

black rolls royce ghost interior


The drive is an equally important part of renting this ultra luxurious Rolls Royce Ghost hire car, and the Ghost holds its claim with impressive mechanical underpinnings.  A twin-turbocharged V12 engine provides ample power for smooth driving, yet holds power in reserve for the moment you need a bit more. Able to accelerate to 60 in less than 5 seconds, this high-end sedan available from Carhopper will delight on the road. When vacationing in Westhampton or having an East Hampton getaway, this Rolls Royce Ghost is sure to please as you travel back and forth to Downtown New York City in the utmost of style and grace.

The Rolls Royce Ghost is all about ultra-luxurious experiences and the ultimate in refinement, but don’t allow that to think that the Ghost cannot have fun. Perfect for a night out on the town, you and your friends will be ready for an evening of fun on the Las Vegas strip in this Rolls Royce Ghost. Ultra luxurious and comfortable, a Rolls Royce Ghost in Vegas gives comfort to help recover from whatever the City of Sin can produce. Be sure to ask about other west coast destinations the Ghost can accommodate, as we also have availability near Los Angeles International Airport, downtown Los Angeles, sunny Newport Beach as well as available in Beverly Hills, the ultimate in luxury destinations.