September 2017 Car of the Month: Ferrari 488 GTB

You can imagine the Ferrari 488 GTB’s twin-turbo, 3.9-liter V-8 engine and its sonorous wail as you accelerate through traffic, but imagination cannot replicate just how spectacular a ride you’ll get in reality. But since you’ve already started imagining what it’s like to drive the Ferrari 488 GTB, imagine the ferocious acceleration–all the way to 8000 rpm, a dual-clutch seven-speed transmission, and going from a 0–60 in just under 3 seconds.

CarHopper wants you to do more than just imagine driving what Motor Trend magazine calls “a supercar,”. That’s why we made the Ferrari 488 the CarHopper car of the month for September.

Driving the Ferrari 488 GTB

When’s the last time you drove a car that left you uttering superlatives while in a trance of powerful joy? Derek Powell at Car and Driver magazine captured his Ferrari 488 ride succinctly with a non-technical exclamation of “Holy crap!” before adding his brief explanation of “How can a car this powerful be this easy to drive?” and then proclaiming that “this is a car that makes you feel like a superhero.”

So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be Bruce Wayne, check out the Ferrari 488 GTB and find out.

Now that we’ve got you sucked into the incredible emotions you’ll experience while driving the Ferrari 488 GTB, let’s take a look at the facts–you know, those things that get the Ferrari engineers all excited while designing a car that will get you all excited.

The 488 features both an electronically controlled drag-reduction system and a Formula 1 inspired blown diffuser in the rear bodywork. The seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission shifts quickly and the rear suspension is wider than previous models. The 3.9-liter twin-turbo V-8 produces 661 hp and 561 lb-ft of torque.

Form Becomes Performance

Some sports cars look awesome. Some sports cars go really fast. Some sports cars handle well at top speeds. A Ferrari does all three.

With the Ferrari 488 GTB, the perfect form becomes perfect performance. The Ferrari Styling Centre designed the 488 GTB with sculptural flanks–the key to its character–and a large signature air intake scallop divided into two sections by a splitter. A dual grille opening, which channels air into the two radiators, characterizes the front along with a double front spoiler that resembles those of the F1 single-seaters. At the front center, two pylons combine with a deflector to channel air toward the flat underbody.

The car’s hood features a raised and pronounced central section and two side channels that make the car look more sporty and that channel air from the two skillfully hidden vents in the bumper. The blown spoiler and large air vents that improve the car’s aerodynamics dominate the tail of the car. The Ferrari 488 body uses a triple-layer formulation that gives the car a surprising depth and glossiness. The Ferrari 488 GTX design accomplishes 3 critical features of a high-end sports car–looks, power, and performance.

An Interior that Rivals the Exterior

An amazing exterior attracts wanting looks. An incredible design multiplies a car’s power. But it’s a perfectly designed interior that makes driving an awe-inspiring experience.

The Ferrari 488 design exudes extreme sportiness. The Ferrari 488 cabin proves that the design provides sportiness without sacrificing occupant comfort. Ferrari designed the cockpit around the driver’s needs. The car’s commands, for example, do not cluster on the steering wheel, but instead are found on the wraparound satellite pods, angled directly toward the driver.

The 488’s design naturally incorporates classic Ferrari traits, such as “the clear separation between dashboard and tunnel, the multi-functional steering wheel, and the control bridge on the tunnel.” The interior design emphasizes the creation of functional spaces and uses beautifully handcrafted materials and trim. Engineers gave meticulous attention to various compartments that provide generous storage space while keeping function buttons in an ergonomic position.

488 designers put detailed thought into the car’s seats, featuring fixed headrests; the door panels, featuring a comfortable, ergonomic armrest; and a clean and sporty design, featuring easy to reach buttons. Most importantly, it’s amazingly comfortable. The 488 GTB also boasts a Sports Infotainment System designed for ease of navigation.

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The Ferrari 488 GTB is confident, it’s powerful, and it’s luxurious.

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