An Electrified Luxury Sedan, the 2018 Tesla Model 3

Highly anticipated since debuting to the world in 2016, few cars have been in such demand as the Tesla Model 3 2018. Building upon the impressive resume built by Tesla’s Model S, this midsize luxury sedan is the ultimate in environmentally-conscious motoring. With unique benefits to an electrified drivetrain, this sporty sedan defies preconceived notions on how an electric car can perform. Few cities are ready for electrification like Los Angeles, and this Model 3 from Carhopper is ideal for electrifying a stay in LA.


Pioneering design shows itself in unexpected ways when you rent this luxurious Telsa from Carhopper in Los Angeles near LAX. Tesla’s unique “skateboard” chassis packs all batteries and motors low in the car, freeing up space in the cabin and allowing it to have dual-trunk flexibility. The low center of gravity also adds to the sporty handling of the Tesla Model 3, as weight stays low and body control is well-balanced. Quick handling and sharp responses bring an unexpected experience for a plug-in electric luxury car.


When you rent this luxurious sedan in West Hollywood, charging can be done via dedicated supercharger or conventional 120v plug. With electric motors replacing conventional gas, each input you give to the throttle is met with an immediate response. Power is linear and no gearbox makes the Tesla Model 3 2018 feel unlimited in acceleration.


Inside, a beautiful 15-inch touchscreen display is central to the driving experience. Here, you’ll see readouts of speed, range, and Navigation. Bluetooth or USB inputs allow for custom-tailored experiences, as does the independent climate controls.  Sleek and sexy from the outside, futuristic touches such as hideaway door handles and a glass roof make the Tesla Model 3 2018 a stunner of a luxury sedan.

gray tesla model 3 2018 interior

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As appealing to drive as it looks from the outside, the Tesla Model 3 2018 is the ideal luxury rental car for those who are looking for a unique experience when they travel. With standard-setting safety and performance coming from Tesla, renting this Tesla Model 3 brings energy to every drive you take. Available for hire in Beverly Hills, Model 3 offers luxurious seating for five with trunks front and back, the Model 3 is surprisingly frugal when renting for business or leisure.