An Electrified Performance Sedan, the 2018 Tesla Model S 100D

Spark some passion in your next rental with this luxurious rental sedan from Carhopper. Bringing contemporary design together with unbelievable feats of engineering, the Tesla Model S 100D in Los Angeles near LAX will show why this is one of the world’s most coveted luxury cars. Despite the exorbitant cost and rarity of finding one available, this luxury sedan can easily be arranged to rent through Carhopper. Give us a shout, we’d be happy to get you into this electrified luxury machine whether you are renting for work or leisure.


With a unique architecture dictated by the minimal running gear, Tesla Model S 100D starts from scratch with advantages that it can pass on to appreciative passengers. With electrification, things like exhaust and transmission tunnels are a thing of the past and the cabin has a completely flat floor that all five passengers will appreciate. Renting this luxurious sedan in West Hollywood grants access to a well appointed cabin that is airy and open, highlighted by a panoramic glass roof that brings natural warmth and light inside.


Centered in the dash rests a beautiful glass touchscreen that is the command center for all that occurs once the Tesla is underway. With controls for navigation, smartphone integration and media in the same place as air conditioning and vehicle settings, this easy to use display is just another reminder of the futuristic ambitions realized when renting in the trendy city of Beverly Hills.

black tesla model s 100d 2017 interior


With all wheel confidence, immediate power from the electric motors provide unbelievable acceleration and breathtaking speed. From a stop, 60 miles per hour is dispatched in just 4.1 seconds for performance befitting a 2 seat sports coupe instead of a luxurious, full size rental. For the uninitiated, range anxiety goes away as this Model S 100D offers enhanced range from a larger battery pack. With a full charge, expect to be able to cover 335 miles with ease.

black tesla model s 100d 2017 sideview

Next Steps

The future is now and ready to be a part of your next journey on road, as this Tesla Model S 100D offers breathtaking performance and contemporary design inside and out. Available in Newport Beach today, this luxury sedan proves that you can enjoy the finer things in life without negative side effects on the greater world around us.