A Futuristic Luxury Sedan, the 2018 Tesla Model S70

The Ride

Driving should be enjoyable each time you take the wheel, and in the past electric cars have delivered an experience far from fun. With the Tesla Model S70, pure driving enjoyment is achieved regardless of it being electrified. If you seek a luxurious Tesla rental in Los Angeles near LAX, make the smart choice and have fun while leaving no impact behind.

Luxury sedans often rattle off similar specifications, but renting the Tesla Model S70 gives a different take to luxury motoring. With environmentally-friendly performance and renewable materials inside, there’s no guilt to follow when you leave this 5 seat sedan behind. A driver-centric cabin is open and comfortable, with room for all to sit comfortably front or back. Dual trunks exist where traditional powertrains would, offering ample cargo space front and back.


Sleek, futuristic styling mirrors the functional aspects of electrification. The swooping front end styling is devoid of the traditional grilles and intakes dictated by a combustion engine, contributing to the unique styling. LED lighting front and back gives a signature look while contributing to the safety of Model S, and this luxury rental sits on beautiful 20 inch wheels to finish the exterior.

black tesla model s70 2018 interior


On road, braking brings a slight resistance through the pedal due to electric regeneration, but pedal feel is confidence inspiring and well suited for a grand tourer. With dual motors, acceleration is supercar quick and eerily devoid of any noise. With the lack of audio feedback, taking off in the Tesla Model S70 in downtown West Hollywood is a surreal experience sure to keep you entertained throughout your entire rental. Charging is easily facilitated either by a dedicated 240v station or traditional 120v wall outlet.

Next Steps

Vacationing in Beverly Hills is famous for high-end experiences, and when in Los Angeles the Tesla Model S70 luxury rental car is perfect if you are looking to stand out from a sea of Benzes and Bimmers as you cruise to Santa Monica. Make stunning performance with no guilt from stopping at the pump your norm the next time you rent for business or leisure in Los Angeles.