An Electrifying Performance SUV, the Tesla Model X P90D

The Journey

Experience the future of transportation today, and electrify your next luxury SUV rental by taking the keys to this Tesla Model X P90D in Downtown Miami. This high-performance SUV is sure to draw stares with an unmistakable look that is clean and modern, as Tesla has become known for. Inside, modern technology and SUV versatility come together in a user focused package featuring fold flat rear seats and seating for seven. Range anxiety is a thing of the past, as this luxury SUV can travel 250 miles per charge for anxiety-free travel during your rental. Miami is for trendsetters, and showing up in the exclusive electric rental in Fort Lauderdale will make you the envy of tastemakers all over the city.

blue tesla model x p90d side view 2

With slim electric running gear, this luxury SUV is gifted with cavernous interior space and completely flat floors, lending a further air of openness inside the well-appointed cabin. The panoramic glass sunroof overhead stretches all the way to the third row of seats, and include all passengers in natural sunlight. With power opening gullwing doors, the experience entering the cabin is regal and unique in the luxury rental car world.


Streamlined interior design is function forward, and materials are luxurious and supple to the touch. All functions stem from the central touchscreen, where things like range, navigation and even the heated seats can be controlled from.

blue tesla model x p90d interior


As Tesla enters the luxury SUV market, the Model X P90D raises the bar for performance with ultra-responsive electric motors and waves of torque. Depressing the gas will pin you to the driver’s seat as all four wheels putting power to the ground, and the Tesla Model X P95D’s motors combine for a staggering 691 horsepower. Acceleration is brutal with immediate response from the electric motors, ripping off 0-60 times under 3.3 seconds for supercar baiting speed.

As the battery is slung low in the chassis, this electric luxury SUV has the performance you need to experience firsthand when renting in Miami Beach. The low center of gravity helps the Tesla Model X stay tight to the road without any compromise in manners. Heading out to the clubs for a night of dancing with friends? Leave no one behind and arrive in style, doors up, with the sporty Tesla Model X P90D.