Top five Mercedes-Benz options for rent

Whether you’re traveling from Los Angeles or to New York, driving in style can mean a lot when you’re trying to set an impression. If it’s for business or pleasure, driving luxury cars like a Mercedes always turns heads. As a fan of Mercedes cars, though, which type should you seek out while on road trips?

Rather than buy a new car, it’s possible to rent one without breaking the bank. At CarHopper you can find five different Mercedes cars to rent and travel in.

As a leading online marketplace to connect local and independently owned car rental agencies with travelers, we’ll get you the car you want.

Take a look at five types we can provide and the features offered.

1. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class

For those of you heading to Manhattan, you’ll want to rent the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, one of our most popular cars. Renting at only $645 per day, it’s a bargain for such a luxury car that practically drives itself.

One reason is that it’s noted for being a technological wonder, including bringing you parking aid when parking in cramped areas. Other technologies include amenities you won’t find in similar luxury cars from BMW or Lexus. Some of these amenities include hot-stone massage and aromatherapy.

The S-Class holds up to five people if you’re taking your whole family on a long road trip through New York. Or, if you’re doing a business trip, you can entertain your fellow employees with easy audio input. They can also enjoy a handy sunroof when in the car for long hours.

2. The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

If you’re traveling to the Miami, you’ll want to drive in style there. The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT is a true sports car beauty. Renting at $776.74 per day, the control you’ll have driving this on Floridian highways is going to feel out of this world.

It helps the AMG GT gives you amazing acceleration ability, including the ability to go around corners like a slinky cat.

The aerodynamics come from aluminum body panels, giving you a sleek design and control like no other luxury sports car. As a result of these features, it’s starting to rise above competitors like Porsche and Jaguar.

You can get a sun pass and child seat for two small fees on your daily rent total.

3. The Mercedes-Benz G63 SUV

Are you going to Los Angeles in the immediate future for business or a road trip? All of you Mercedes fans should know about the Mercedes-Benz G63, one of the best luxury SUVs on the market.

You can rent this through CarHopper for $486 per day, which is a real steal.

Originally designed as a military vehicle, this SUV became a top choice to travel every roadway, paved or not. If you intend to go out into the rugged country within Los Angeles, this is an excellent choice.

Known as the G-Wagen, you can also turn up the speed on this on the open road. It’s one of the few SUVs giving you maximum speed ability during the rare times you can push the pedal to the floor.

4. The Mercedes-Benz E Class

We know many of you who travel or do business trips sometimes have to stay within a budget. Don’t think you can’t still get a luxury Mercedes for a lower rental price if you’re staying in Las Vegas soon.

The Mercedes-Benz E Class is the answer you’re looking for at only $159.84 per day. This is one of the best prices you’ll find on any luxury rental car in the nation.

Despite being a more basic luxury four-door sedan, it’s known for having a subtle elegance that stands out among ordinary cars. When attending a special event in Vegas, this car still has many of the same technology features you’ll find in slightly more expensive cars.

Features like parking aid, audio input, and a sunroof are all available in this car as standards. You’ll also find great safety features to help you travel Vegas roads without fear. Along with a high resale value, we’ve seen a lot of people choose the car for good reasons.

We can set things up so an Uber driver can take you straight to your car after we send you an email with a pick-up location.

5. The Mercedes-Benz GLE

As another luxury SUV, you’ll want to look seriously at renting the Mercedes-Benz GLE. When visiting San Francisco, this is a perfect Mercedes vehicle as an update on Mercedes’s outgoing M-Class SUV’s.

Updates include an improved exterior, plus new features and technologies inside. It’s all part of Mercedes’s focus lately on moving into the luxury SUV market.

Capable of holding five passengers, it’ll give you the feel of a sedan while looking like a normal SUV. It also comes in white if you want something beyond the classic black prevalent in most Mercedes cars.

Available to rent at only $129.60 per day, it’s another affordable Mercedes car we can accommodate. This offers many of the same features you see in other Mercedes-Benz cars above.

Finding What You Need at CarHopper

All you Mercedes fans can find even more cars like this through our website. We also cater to all luxury car brands available coast to coast. Why not rent these cars rather than be stuck with high monthly car payments from ownership?

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