CarHopper vs. Traditional Rental Companies

Planning to rent a car? For many years, you had limited options. But times are changing fast and companies such as CarHopper are changing the way we rent cars. Why should you choose CarHopper vs. Enterprise, or one of the other traditional car rental services? Because renting a luxury or exotic car the traditional way is often difficult, time-consuming and just plain annoying.

CarHopper is a booking platform for luxury and exotic car rentals. It connects local, independently owned luxury and exotic car rental companies with customers who need a car. It gathers all the available inventory in real time from different providers on a single page and makes booking actually fun. Here are some of the ways CarHopper takes the headache out of renting luxury or exotic cars:

1. When planning to rent a car, you probably know exactly which car you want. It is a car that you like. You feel safe and comfortable in it. If you rent from Avis, or one of the major car rental companies, you choose a car within a category, such as “sedan” and you may get the car you want, or you may get something “similar.” But will the “similar” car fit your specific needs? If the car is an uncomfortable fit for you, or your children, or your elderly mother, there are no guarantees that the car you wanted will be available. With CarHopper, you can get exactly the car you want.

2. When you use CarHopper, you complete all the payment and personal information on the app. Put in the dates you need the car, choose your luxury or exotic car, and at the checkout section, just enter your personal information from your driver’s license and your payment information. Payment is by a credit or debit card, linked to your name and information. Once your request is accepted and your MVR record verified (it’s so quick), you can contact the owner and set up a time and place to get your car. When you pick up the car, just show your driver’s license and the card you used to book the reservation. (All of these must have the same name.) It is easy to complete the vehicle inspection right there, on the app. And off you go.

Renting from a traditional car rental company? Be prepared for surprises. And more paperwork. While you are filling out the paperwork, you may be pestered to buy costly add-ons while you wait at the counter.

3. What we all really want from a car rental company is convenience and accessibility. With CarHopper, your rental car’s location is based on your convenience. The app will show you pictures and information about the available cars near you and you choose. Pick-up and drop-off services are available.

Or you can go through a major car rental company and be directed to their nearest location, which could be some distance away, or have limited hours which are inconvenient. You may have to take a shuttle to get to your car.

So stop standing in line. It’s time to take a fresh look at car rental options. For more information contact us!