Rent a Luxury or Exotic Car in New York City

Rent a luxury or exotic car from our fine selection in New York, NY
When you're headed to the New York area, whether for business or pleasure, you want a luxury or exotic rental car that will make the trip an even more exciting experience. At CarHopper, we offer exotic car rentals. From convertibles or coupes to SUVs, there's a luxury or exotic rental car that will fit your unique needs.
What better city to visit for a weekend getaway or luxury retreat than New York City? It might be the world's most famous metropolis, a space of possibilities and style mixed with something for everyone. And the best way to explore this vast and exciting space is with a luxury car rental from CarHopper. Whether you drive your Ferrari downtown or explore Brooklyn in the comfort of a Bentley, New York has something for everyone. You might even want to listen to one of its many trademark anthems as you drive to midtown, or through a tunnel to visit New Jersey. That NYC is something for everyone, of course, also has its downsides. For starters, if you don't book your trip just right, you might just end up in the wrong company - of a vehicle, that is. Put simply, no one wants to be stuck in traffic in a yellow cab. But a drive down Park Avenue in a Rolls Royce? Now that's something to consider a little more closely. In other words, one thing is sure: the right exotic or luxury car rental can turn your New York City journey from a frustration into the trip of a lifetime. At CarHopper, we strive to help you get to that point. If your first thoughts when hearing the words car rental are negative, we don't blame you. Especially for luxury car rentals, substitutions should be a big faux pas. When you choose a red McLaren convertible, you shouldn't have to make do with a blue BMW coupe. With CarHopper, you pick not just a class of car, but the exact vehicle you want to drive. You are, quite literally, re-imagining the possibilities that come with your next car rental experience. Choosing a luxury or exotic car rental is one of the best ways to take your New York vacation to the next level. Why settle for whatever "midsize car" is available when you reach your destination? Select the exact luxury rental car that fits your needs, then reserve it today!

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