Frequently Asked Questions

What is CarHopper?
CarHopper is a beautifully simple online booking platform for luxury car rentals, giving you real-time access to the most unique cars in the world; from Ferraris to Bentleys, Lamborghini to McLaren. Whatever the experience you want to drive, we have the cars to make it happen.
How does CarHopper work
We have partnered with the best local luxury car rental companies across the United States so when you search, you’re searching the very best cars your destination has to offer, all available directly through CarHopper.

Simply enter your destination and dates to browse a list of available cars. Select the car you like the most, enter your payment details, and secure the booking right away! You will receive the pick-up instructions and your rental summary in your confirmation email.
Why should I use CarHopper?
By bringing all of the most beautiful cars from all of the most luxurious rental companies in the United States into one single system, we’ve made this a one stop platform to make starting your next story as simple as possible.

We arrange everything with the local provider, all you need to do is book and turn up. With CarHopper, the car you see Is the car you get. We update in real-time so that we only show you the actual cars that are available.
Where is CarHopper available?
CarHopper is currently available in Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Ft. Lauderdale.
How do I use my CarHopper promo code?
You can apply your promo code in the car profile page once you have selected your car in the search results page. If you have any questions, please send us a note, and our team will be happy to help.
How much does it cost to be a CarHopper member?
At CarHopper we believe in democratizing luxury car rentals through mobile technologies to bring accessibility, therefore we have waived all upfront membership and account management fees. Renters only pay for what they book.
When will my card be charged?
When you make a rental request a temporary hold will be placed on your card. If the rental is accepted and passes our safety and verification procedures, the full amount will be deducted from your account. If the rental is declined, it may take up to 7 days for the funds to be released.
Can I drive out of State?
No. You can only drive your CarHopper rental within Florida. If CarHopper finds out that a customer drove the vehicle out of State, we will end the rental immediately and place an indefinite hold on the user's account to prevent future bookings.
Is there a limit on mileage?
The owner of the vehicle sets the mileage limit. Please make sure to double-check the limit on the car’s profile or with the owner when you pick up your vehicle.
How do I book a car?
Simply search by date and destination.

CarHopper instantly checks for unique, luxury cars available in your destination and compiles the results in a single list.

Select the car you want and confirm the booking online. Get ready to drive a brand new story.
How should I manage my cars on CarHopper?
You can manage your cars, and your upcoming reservations from your CarHopper account profile and select your car’s availabilities!
I booked my car, what’s next?
You will receive a confirmation email in which you can find your rental summary and the pick-up instructions. Upon pick-up make sure to show your identity as well as the card you made the payment with. Once you provide our Affiliate with the security deposit and sign the rental agreement you can start your adventure.
How do I cancel a trip?
You can cancel a “pending” reservation in your “My reservations page”. To cancel a “scheduled” reservation please email us. Please note that fees may apply.
Why is Facebook required?
Facebook is one of the authentication checkpoints required to verify your identity and help ensure the trust and safety of our community. We never post any content or display any of your personal information.
Do I have to put down a security deposit?
All renters must submit a security deposit in person upon pick up. Although the security deposit may vary by car and renter age, it will automatically be released as soon as the car is returned without any incidents.
How do I contact the rental agency?
You will be able to contact the rental agency once your reservation is confirmed. You will see the “message” box in your “notifications” page once your reservation is confirmed. We encourage you to communicate with the rental agency only through the CarHopper platform.
Can I pay with someone else’s card?
The name on your credit card must match the name on your driver’s license. The credit card used for the booking must be presented upon pick-up to our Affiliate. Please note that failure to provide both the credit card and ID will result in your booking being cancelled and no refund will be issued.
Can I drive my rental out of State?
Cars booked through CarHopper cannot be driven out of State.
How much time in advance should I book my car?
We require a window of at least 24 hours for all rentals. This allows us to get your car and our Affiliate ready to provide you with the best possible experience.
What is the mileage limit?
The mileage limit for reach car varies. Renters can obtain additional information about mileage upon pick-up. Traditionally the mileage limit for luxury and exotic cars range between 50 to 100 miles per day with additional excess mileage billed between $2 to $4 per mile.
Why am I not eligible to rent on CarHopper?
We are unable to approve the application of certain renters when we cannot verify their identity and/or when they have a driving history that does not meet our Safe Driver criteria.
How can I list my fleet?
If you wish to list your fleet on CarHopper please fill out the form at and a member of our support team will get in touch with you.
How do I manage my fleet on CarHopper?
We require our Affiliates to actively manage their fleet from their CarHopper account. You can set the availability of each car by using the calendar function.
How will I be notified of upcoming rentals?
You will receive an email when you receive a rental request or message from your renter. If you add your phone number to your CarHopper account you will also be notified by text message every time you receive a notification.
What should I do when the customer comes to pick-up his/her rental?
Here is a step-by-step guide to what you should do:
  1. Check your renter’s identity and make sure the name on the ID matches the name on the credit card.
  2. Get the security deposit from the renter
  3. Sign your rental agreement and keep a copy of the executed version for your records. You may be asked to email or fax a copy of the rental agreement to CarHopper.
How much commission does CarHopper take from each rental?
CarHopper keeps a 25% commission from the base rental rate and any additional charges except for insurance and State & local fees.
How will I get paid?
As a CarHopper Affiliate you have 2 payout options. You can either connect your bank account to your CarHopper account from your profile page (under the payout tab) or request a check from us via email. Shipping and additional fees may apply if you choose to receive your payment via check.
How does insurance work?
We require domestic renters (US resident) to provide their own insurance policy information while booking a car. In your rental request email, you are provided with the renter’s insurance policy information and it is your responsibility to verify the renter’s coverage limits.

International renters are given the option to buy your insurance policy. They can either prepay for the insurance online through the CarHopper website or app, or pay for it upon pick up. Please note that CarHopper does not provide or sell any insurance of its own as it is not licensed for it. CarHopper is simply the booking platform and CarHopper does not own or operate any cars.
To ensure that our community remains safe, reliable and happy it is important to have all of our members be responsible and respectful towards each other. We encourage our members to try to solve smaller issues in a friendly manner first, and then reach out to our support ream if they are unable to reach a viable solution.

Cancellation fees
Travelers may cancel their trip by contacting us at [email protected] The total amount refunded will depend on when the traveler cancels the trip, and varies by fee component (trip price, trip fee, protection fee, and if applicable, young driver fee). When a renter cancels a reservation, a Renter Cancellation Fee may be charged at CarHopper's sole discretion. This fee is charged to compensate for the time the car was booked and unavailable for other potential renters. There are no credits/refunds issued for early returns.
Trip price & trip fee:
<1 hour from booking trip: Full refund
>7 days before trip start: Full refund
1-7 days before trip start: 50% refund
<1 day before trip start: No refund
After a Trip has started, it is not refundable and may not be canceled. Travelers will receive a full refund if they cancel before the owner confirms the pending trip.
The trip fee is non-refundable once an hour has elapsed from the time the trip is booked (i.e. when the owner confirms the pending trip).
Affiliate Cancellation
If an affiliate wishes to cancel a booked trip, they must notify the renter via on-site messaging at least 72 hours in advance, and process the cancellation through CarHopper. The cancellation is effective immediately, and if CarHopper fails to find an alternative car the traveler will receive a complete refund once the rental is cancelled. Travelers are counting on our affiliates to provide the car so repeated cancellations will subject the owner to removal from the marketplace.
Cancelling a trip within 72 hours of the start of a trip will subject the owner to a minimum $50 fine and potential removal from the marketplace.
Additional Charges
Inconvenience Fee - $50 If a renter returns a car improperly resulting in inconvenience for the owner of the car, or the next driver, an Inconvenience Fee may be charged at CarHopper’s sole discretion. These fees may be applied if the car is returned unreasonable late and without prior notice to CarHopper and the owner, lights are left on resulting in a dead battery, or any other instance where a renter returns a car negligently, improperly, and inconveniently. Service Fee- $50 to $500 When CarHopper intervenes in any event due to violations of our Terms of Service or other actions taken by a member Service Fees may be charged at CarHopper’s sole discretion to cover administrative costs incurred to resolve the issue. Gas Charge- Cost of gas + $15 Renters are responsible to refill the gas used during a Trip. If a car is returned with less gas than at the start of the trip, the renter will be charged for the missing gas and an additional fee of $15 at CarHopper’s sole discretion. Citation Charge- Highest amount on citation + $25 Renter agrees to be solely liable for parking tickets, traffic citations, and other infractions and violations that occur during and subsequent to the trip and all other fees resulting from such violations per CarHopper’s policy. It is the sole responsibility of the renter to pay these fees in a timely manner and to comply with all legal obligations that arise from such violations. An additional citation fee of $25 may be charged at CarHopper’s discretion. Tow Charge- Total amount of tow + impounding fees Renter agrees to be solely liable for any and all tow and impounding fees that are incurred during and subsequent to the trip, and all fees resulting from such violations per CarHopper’s policy. Retrieval Charge- Cost of car retrieval + $25 If additional vendor assistance is required to retrieve a car listed on CarHopper as a result of negligence while rented out, the responsible member is liable for the additional retrieval costs incurred by CarHopper. Smoking Fine- $250 Smoking in all CarHopper vehicles is strictly prohibited. If the owner or the next driver of the car reports evidence of smoking such as strong odor, ashes, etc., a Smoking Fine will be charged to the offending member at CarHopper’s sole discretion. Late Return Fine- $50/hour If a renter returns a car late resulting in inconvenience to another member, the renter will be charged the hourly rate of that car plus a Late Return Fine for each hour the car is late. These fines will be charged at CarHopper’s sole discretion.
Affiliate Reimbursements
Affiliate reimbursements are added to the car owner’s earnings payout to reimburse for renter-incurred expenses. Additional earnings adjustments may also be added to the owner’s monthly payout to compensate for the time and effort of resolving renter-incurred expenses. Gas - Cost of gas + $10 earnings adjustment Renters are responsible to refill the gas used during a trip. If a renter returns a car with less gas than at the start of the trip, the owner may refill the gas and submit the payment receipt to CarHopper to request a gas reimbursement for the expense. Citation- cost of citation + $15 earnings adjustment The Affiliate is responsible to settle renter-incurred traffic tickets, citations, and violations directly to prevent additional penalties due to late payment. The Affiliate may then submit a copy of the citation and payment receipt to CarHopper to request a citation Reimbursement for the expense. These requests must be submitted to CarHopper within 90 days of the violation issue date. Any and all late or delinquent penalties are the responsibility of the car owner. Smoking- Up to $135 If a renter returns a car with evidence of smoking such as strong smoke odor, ashes, etc., the car owner may have the car cleaned and submit a payment receipt to CarHopper to request a cleaning reimbursement. The owner must submit thorough documentation of the incident including photos, payment receipts, and other forms of validation. Late Return- $30/hour If a renter returns a car unreasonably late resulting in inconvenience to the car owner or another renter, CarHopper may remit compensation to owner for each hour the renter is late.
Security Authorization- $250 As a security measure, CarHopper may add a temporary authorization of up to $250, usually for first time renters only. This authorization is voided as soon as the car is returned to the owner. Each Affiliate may take an additional Security Deposit from renters upon pick-up. The amount of the Secuity Deposit charged by Affiliates is subject to rental length, and market value of the car. Safety Deposit- $250 The safety deposit is charged to renters after one more community violations at CarHopper’s sole discretion. This deposit will be refunded to the renter when the car is returned without incidents.